Apr 17, 2016


Employer: BOSH Global Services
Job Code: 1112
# of openings: 2


Education Required: High School Graduate; military trained UAS Operator, FAA A&P license and private or commercial pilot.

Skills Required: Unmanned Aircraft Pilot. Prior experience with small and larger than hand-launched Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS). Must be capable of controlling the unmanned aircraft semi-autonomously (preprogrammed) via the GCS or controlling the unmanned aircraft manually via line-of-sight. Basic computer skills are required. Must have a valid FAA Class 2 medical certificate (or able to meet standards). Must meet minimum military health standards for worldwide deployment and unmanned aircraft flight qualifications.

Skills Desired: Recent deployed operations; prior military experience.

Location: Training is currently held at Ft. Pickett, VA for approxmately 2 months; Forward Operating Base in OCONUS locations for 6 - 12 months.

Position Description: The Aerosonde Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Operator is responsible for safe aircraft operation which includes but is not limited to maintaining diligent lookout and listening doctrine with available sensors, radios, and other ground control station equipment; following air traffic control clearances; maintaining safe and positive control of the air vehicle during all phases of flight; taking appropriate actions during emergencies; notifying crewmembers of any planned abrupt vehicle maneuvers, changes in switch positions or vehicle configuration, and monitoring and announcing flight parameters including, but not limited to, airspeed and altitude as required; assisting Mission Commander and Mission Coordinator (Liaison Officer (LNO) when aboard ship) with flight mission planning and briefings as directed; computing takeoff / landing data and completing appropriate presets and checklists; monitoring flight instruments and fuel, and announcing parameters during takeoff and controllability checks.

The UAS Operator is also responsible for safely operating the sensor payload and analyzing and reporting sensor data pertinent to safety of flight and mission accomplishment to the Mission Commander and Mission Coordinator; assisting the Mission Commander and Mission Coordinator with mission information gathering, analysis, and planning; briefing intelligence information pertinent to flight; utilizing sensor payload as necessary to collect the requested data and as appropriate for safe navigation; and stowing / securing payload for recovery. Professional performance with minimal guidance and direction is expected. Demonstrated ability to work effectively in a small team environment is essential. The Operator will assist with ground crew support when required.

Locations can be austere with minimum comfort access. While operating from the deployed location, all personnel are responsible to, and work directly for, the assigned Site Lead, regardless of parent company. Operators and Maintainers will be integrated into the daily flying/maintenance schedule and are not solely responsible for one area of the deployment location requirements. Personnel should expect to participate in all facets of the operation to support mission requirements.

Security Clearance: Active US Secret

Current passport.

Security Clearance Statement: *Applicants selected for this position may be subject to a government security investigation and must meet eligibility requirements for access to classified information. Only US citizens are eligible for a security clearance. For this position, BOSH Global Services will only consider applicants with security clearances or applicants who are eligible for security clearances.