Apr 18, 2016

Site Security Coordinator

Employer: PGI
Location: Worldwide

The SSC shall assist the DoS Security Office with the day-to-day security coordination and management of DoS and OBO Construction Projects. The SSC will be responsible for a variety of operational and management-type duties and must be capable of independent decision making, possess a high degree of initiative and be capable of functioning with minimal supervision. The SSC will act as a point of contact regarding security and is responsible for implementing orders or special instructions from the SSM, COR, or the Accrediting Official (AO) concerning matters which affect the security operations of the site.

Roles & Responsibilities: 
Develop Standard Operating Procedures and Special Instructions governing the construction surveillance function
Ensure the security integrity of the construction site
Develop and implements the CSP in coordination with the COR Con-duct daily and periodic security inspections to ensure compliance with the CSP

Work with the construction contractor to ensure security of the construction site

Notify the COR if any construction requirements cannot be met along with viable proposed courses of action to rectify the situation

Ensure that processes are in place and responsible that all persons, packages, boxes, crates, vehicles, or other means of introducing material onto the secure areas are inspected for questionable or prohibited items

Write detailed reports and complete the analyses of issues, findings, and security situations which require staff action in English.

Qualifications & Education Requirements: 
All SSCs must be U.S. Citizens and must have U.S. Top Secret (TS)

All SSCs must be capable of speaking English and possess the ability to write concise reports in English.

All SSCs must have at least ten (10) years' experience in at least one of the following areas of expertise: Construction security surveillance, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, Industrial or Government security involving counterintelligence, construction quality assurance, or hands on supervisory construction experience.

The required training for CSTs is the DoS (SE-630)

oConstruction Surveillance Technician Course sponsored by DoS.

Applicant Must Be Able To:  
Able to stand for up to 8 hours
Able to work outdoors in summer heat and winter cold
Able to walk up to one half mile across uneven surfaces at construction site
Able to bend forward at the waist and knees and climb stairs

Please apply online to: http://prodigyds.com/recruiting/pgi/#/form/position  & click technical services tab