Apr 4, 2016

Senior PSO Soldier Skills Trainer

Employer: OT Solutions
Location: Africa

Required Hours: 40 per week
AFC 2015 – 110 Senior PSO Soldier Skills Trainer

This position is the OCONUS senior PSO soldier skills trainer for all Africa contingency operations, training and assistance program activities. THIS POSITION REQUIRES UN MILITARY EXPERIENCE, A PASSPORT FOR TRAVEL. PREFER INDIVIDUALS WHO SPEAK AND READ FRENCH with fluency TO PARTICIPATE IN MOST FORMAL AND INFORMAL CONVERSATIONS.

The Senior PSO Soldier Skills Trainer shall supervise the instruction of Peacekeeping Operations (PKO) soldier skills to African military units receiving U.S. Department of State’s African Contingency Operations Training Assistance (ACOTA) Program training. Senior PSO Soldier Skills Trainers will instruct and supervise PKO soldier skills training in African for African company grade officers and their soldiers who shall deploy to PKOs. Soldier Skills Training shall focus on BRM, CQM, Movement formations and techniques, Infantry squad and platoon battle drills, route clearance and Convoy operations, CQM/CQB, C-IED, Recon, Checkpoint operations, crowd control, and cordon and search. Senior PSO Soldier Skills Trainers shall be responsible for ensuring development of POIs, lesson plans, and training support packages for individual and collective training as noted in each ACOTA Program Office (APO) task order. Training shall support the preparation of ACOTA partner country soldiers for the rigors of sustained PKO operations in Africa. Senior PSO Soldier Skills Trainers shall ensure all training scenarios are based on the most current mission area information from Areas of Operation that African PKO battalions and brigades will deploy to. Training will involve classroom and field instruction in austere environments. All classes shall be taught in the training language of the host nation.

Required Qualifications:

Military Education Level 3 or 4 (Command and General Staff College or equivalent)

Minimum of ten (10) years of U.S. military operations and training experience (or civilian equivalent) in a Combat Arms Specialty required with directly related experience in overseas program operations focused on training local national military personnel and units.

Senior PSO soldier Skills Trainers shall be Subject Matter Experts in at least one Combat Arms U.S. Military Occupational Specialty, Branch, or Functional area.

Senior PSO soldier Skills Trainer shall have a unique blend of skills, experience, and knowledge that will allow that individual to best support the goals and tasks of the ACOTA Program.

Directly related experience with standard military training concepts, practices, and procedures.

Senior PSO Soldier Skills Trainer shall have thorough understanding of and prepared to instruct human rights courses (to include gender respect, elimination of sexual exploitation and child protection), as well as individual health maintenance, individual first aid, HIV/AIDS prevention, and an orientation in United Nations peacekeeping operations.

Preferred Qualifications:

Individual with recent U.S. Military combat and/or PKO experience at O-3, 0-4, O-5, E-8, or E-9 level.

Any combination of training, experience, and/or education equivalent to completion of college course work leading to an advanced degree.

Experience operating in areas with limited life cycle support and in hardship conditions.

Recent OIF/OEF experiences.

French language ability – speak the language with sufficient structural accuracy and vocabulary to participate effectively in most formal and informal conversations on practical, social and professional topics, able to read standard newspaper items addressed to the general reader, routine correspondence, reports and technical materials in the individual’s special field.

Location: OCONUS, Various