Apr 16, 2016

Senior Field Security Officer , Afghanistan

Location: Afghanistan
Expire Date: 18 Apr, 2016
Nationality: Afghan
Vacancy Number: 08/12/04/2016

Years of Experience: 3 years of experience in a similar role preferably
Contract Duration: 1 year (3 months’ probation) with possible extension
Gender: Male/Female
Education: High school diploma

Purpose of the Position:
The Senior Field Security Officer is responsible for ensuring that effective security planning is conducted and that sound security management structures are established within the IFRC Kabul Office, the three field offices, the delegates’ residence and (in coordination with ICRC) the Shared Guest House (SHG). The Senior Field Security Officer ensures the effective implementation of and institutional compliance with security plans and that these are harmonized with the ICRC security plans. The plans and responses are guided by effective, accurate, relevant and multi-sourced situational monitoring, recent quality security management training and competence in incident data mapping and analysis. The Senior Field Security Officer also maintains working relationships with his/her counterparts in other organizations and key players present in the operational area.
The Senior Field Security Officer is also responsible for protecting the confidentiality and integrity of the organization. He/She is responsible for ensuring the utmost security of the country office staff and delegates, by providing quality advice to the delegates and national staff and through the management of watchmen ensures safe and secure access within IFRC property.
The Senior Field Security Officer works closely with the ARCS and ICRC to support the ongoing development of the ARCS security systems.

Job Description:
Security assessments, planning and training:
• Responsible for safety and security related matters in Kabul and through the head of field
offices in the three field offices in Mazar, Herat and Jalalabad.
• Ensure the implementation of the IFRC Minimum Security Requirements (MSR) and all
relevant Federation Security Manuals and Training. Prepares a checklist of all MSR and
maintains a status update on compliance or issues to be addressed.
• Ensures the Kabul country office and the field offices have updated security plans and that all staff comply with these.
• Ensures all staff is properly trained on security plan and that security procedures are
understood, respected and applied by staff
• Analyses the security environment in Kabul, identifies threats and risks with the aim to
provide guidance and advice to the management on measures to be taken.
• Undertake regular field trips in order to monitor and assess the field offices as required.
• Keeps track of all issues pertaining to the security condition in the country and in Kabul
especially, by following the news, tracing rumours in the city and through other sources, on a daily basis.
• Conducts daily monitoring of events, incidents and near-misses and assesses risks.
• Conducts or participates in Security related trainings inside or outside the Federation
• Ensure all safety and security related matters are effectively and efficiently assessed, resolved, recorded and disseminated.
Security communication:
• Is the first point of contact for the Head of Country Office and/or delegated Acting HoCO during incidents in Kabul and in the field.
• Ensures a continuous contact with HoCO (or Acting) and Regional Security coordinator during any incident in Kabul and in the field.
• Reports to HoCO (or Acting) relevant security issues in daily basis as they occur, and gives advice and recommendations to the CR on the office’s security regulations and measures to be taken.
• In consultation with HoCO (or Acting) provides the information for green light for any exceptional expatriate movements within Kabul.
• Tracks all security incidents and electronically updates information maps (such as, but not limited to ARCS incidents, NGO incidents, incidents in Kabul and in the areas of IFRC field offices.
• Prepares and shares security related information for staff updates at office meetings, or for immediate incidents by SMS or by email.
• Informs HoCO (or Acting) and as instructed updates Administration/HR department in case of any incident/concerns related office property, assets and staff’s that the staff Code of Conduct (CoC) has been breached.
• Responsible for comprehensive security briefings of all new delegates and visitors ensuring they are familiar with the IFRC regulations, responses in the event of security incidents (attacks, fire, earthquake, etc) and the protocols for use of radio, phones and safe rooms in the residence and shared guest house.
• Ensures guards, drivers and radio operators are updated on all safety/security procedures and movement restrictions in Kabul.
Lateral relationships:
• Ensures a very close liaison with the Head Driver to ensure relevant daily security information to drivers, directly or through the head driver as required.
• In very close collaboration with Head Driver ensures daily monitoring and assessment of routes for staff movements in the city.
• Attends security meetings held by ICRC, INSO, UNDSS, and government security related departments. Provides a verbal or written update to the HoCO (or Acting).
• Maintains a strong relation with ARCS through ARCS security focal point and shares all necessary security related information with each other. Supports the development of the ARCS security management system as requested and approved by HoCO (or Acting).
• Maintains a strong relationship, co-ordination and cooperation with ICRC. Attends the Movement Security and Access Working Group Meetings.
• Develops a relationship with the security officers of other international organisations.

Passive security:
• Ensures all measures are in place for the safety and security of the Office ’s premises, such as offices, residences, warehouses, other asset and inventory.
• Ensures that all offices and other premises are securely locked outside of working hours
• Ensures that the office and residential safe rooms have all the required items for safety and security
• Ensures that all fire-fighting equipment, including fire extinguishers are checked, not expired and that staff is trained to use these equipment
• Ensures sand-bag protection and all other passive security measures around all relevant premises are in place and regularly check these for quality and repairs
Management & Supervision:
• Prepare the duty rosters for all watchmen on a monthly basis and post these at the designated places in the offices, residences and warehouse.
• Ensures the presence of all watchmen at their duty location by physically checking daily and does unexpected evening checks
• Reviews the work and presence of the cleaners and cooks from a security perspective. Reports breaches and concerns to the HoCO (or Acting).

• Immediately reports any security incident in Kabul or involving an NGO in the country to HoCO (or Acting).
• Prepares weekly, quarterly security reports including mapping for CR, Regional Security Coordinator and Geneva Security Unit
• Prepares maps of security incidents and electronically updates information maps (such as, but not limited to incidents in Kabul and in IFRC field offices, ARCS incidents, NGO incidents).
• Ensures that all relevant incident reports are written, reviewed by HoCO (or Acting) and filed
• Reports any violation of the security regulations by the staff immediately to HoCO (or Acting) including non-permitted movements
• Reports on the performance of watchmen and advises the HoCO (or Acting)on measures to be taken, additional training required and recommendations to be made on those persons.

Duties applicable to all staff:
1. Actively work towards the achievement of the Federation Secretariat’s goals
2. Abide by and work in accordance with the Red Cross and Red Crescent principles
3. Perform any other work related duties and responsibilities that may be assigned by the line manager.

Job Requirements:
1) Minimum qualifications:
• A relevant education at minimum Bachelors level
• Successfully completed the Stay Safe e-learning courses (basic and Managers)
2) Required Experience:
• 3 years of experience in a similar role preferably with an INGO/NGO/UN/Military.
• Field experience in humanitarian security work.
• Experience working with the military, security agencies and law enforcement agencies.
3) Knowledge and skills:
• Good communication skills
• Strong analytical skills in political, socio-economics and security areas
• Ability to work in a multi-cultural environment
• Good stress management skills
• Self-supporting in computers [Windows, Microsoft Office, database, e-mail (Outlook) etc.]
4) Language skills:
• Fluently spoken and written English
• Knowledge of another IFRC official language (French, Spanish or Arabic)
• Other languages: Urdu and preferably other local languages

Submission Guideline:

Please submit your application consisting of a cover letter, a recently updated CV to xxxxxxxxx@xxxxx.com Include (Senior Field Security Officer) in the subject line of the Application.
Note: CVs without cover letters not be considered as completed application and therefore not be accepted for further consideration.