Apr 8, 2016

Security Guard , Middle East

Employer: Jacobs
Location: Saudi Arabia

Job Summary:

Performs functions relating to the security of Jacobs location designate. Ensures the security of all Jacobs employees, their appointed contractors along with visitors, assets and information. Carries out shift duties to maintain a 24-hour, 7-day week security levels. Enables visual deterrence, control of access, prevention of crime, protection of personnel as well as reaction to security and emergency incidents.

1. Maintains routines and shifts as laid out by Management.
2. Mans appointed posts as per the security allocation for the Jacobs location.
3. Patrols the Jacobs location as set out in the security allocation for Jacobs location.
4. Responds and deals with all and security issues within Jacobs location.
5. Reports all security matters to Supervisor and Manager in their absence.
6. Completes any proformas in support of security operations.
7. Controls all personnel and vehicles entering or departing the Jacobs location.
8. Stops any unauthorized personnel entering Jacobs location.
9. Checks all unknown personnel on Jacobs location for identification.
10. Identifies unauthorized personnel on Jacobs location.
11. Assists in emergency situations.


1. Is fully conversant with all Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
2. Escorts any unauthorized person(s) off Jacobs location.
3. Communicates all security actions to management.
4. Reports any absence or unavailability of security personnel.
5. Maintains the serviceability of all equipment issued.
6. Wears issued items in correct manner.
7. Uses equipment suitable to its designation.

1. Sets an example to be followed.
2. Is alert at all times whilst on duty.
3. Carries out all tasks to the best of their ability.
4. Follows Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), outlining the security allocation for the Jacobs location to which they are designated.
5. Is smartly dressed in uniform and well turned out.
6. Carries out any actions as trained.
7. Conduct duties within the law.
8. Is punctual.
9. Maintains a good level of fitness.
10. Does not eat or smoke whilst at their post.
11. Does not attend or carryout their duty whilst intoxicated.
12. Treats all persons with respect.


1- High school
2- one year experience