Apr 8, 2016

Principal Security Officer

Employer: Vinnell Arabia
Location: Saudi Arabia

ID 2016-1774

Ensures that all personnel security assets are performing up to standard and that their efforts are completely integrated. Maintains continuous communication with all operational security elements in the Eastern Region area. Provides and receives security reports. Conducts security checks, security surveillance, and the controlled entry in to the worksite. Supervises subordinate personnel in the execution of compound security operations. Maintains Situational Awareness in the Eastern Region Security Operation Center (ERSOC) through radio and cell phone communications. Records daily journal of all security operations.

A. Duties/Responsibilities:
Performs security surveillance of assigned areas as required.
Supervises subordinate personnel conducting ERSOC operations.
Coordinates the acquisition of training and operational resources for mission execution.
Provides training and assistance to designated security personnel in security guard and force protection operations.
Maintains a log of all activities during his tour of duty.
Follows the force protection security program of the branch.
Responds to all emergencies or security concerns during his tour of duty.
Provides additional assistance in emergencies such as medical, fires, accidents and other life threatening events.
Alert MNG for assistance with any attempted unauthorized entry.
Performs other duties as assigned pertaining to mission accomplishment.
Responsible for monitoring physical control measures.
B. Independence: Acts under the supervision of the Eastern Region Chief of Security Operations.
C. Supervisory Responsibilities: As required, supervises multiple senior trainers in the execution of designated compound security operations and other security personnel.

A. Education Level: High School diploma required. Warrant Officer Advanced Course, Advance NCO Course, Police Academy, or Force Protection Training required. At least two years college preferred.
B. Experience: Former experience in Installation/Physical Security, Force Protection or Marine Security Guard positions as a Commissioned Officer, Warrant Officer, Noncommissioned Officer, or Military/Civilian Police at the Sergeant level required.
C. Specific knowledge, skills, ability: U.S. Citizenship. Excellent physical condition. Capable of passing a PHYSICAL AGILITY TEST. Must participate in a Company Individual Reliability Program based on Army Regulation 190-56. Possess uncorrected visual acuity of 20/100 or better in each eye with both eyes correctable, with eye-glasses, to at least 20/20 binocular vision, or 20/200 or better vision correctable to at least 20/20 binocular vision with contact lenses; and the ability to distinguish between the basic color groups. Hearing loss not greater than: 20 DB at 500cps; 30 DB at 1000cps; 50 DB at 2000cps. Possess a valid driver's license not in jeopardy of suspension. Proficient in computer skills. Be of good moral character as confirmed by a thorough, comprehensive background investigation. Must submit to and pass psychological screening, police background check and drug screen. Not have been convicted of a "Class A" misdemeanor or any felony; Not have been convicted of a "Class B" misdemeanor or its equivalent within the last one hundred twenty (120) months; Not be on probation for a criminal offense above the grade of "Class C" misdemeanor. Eligible under the Gun Control Act of 1968 (18 U.S.C. 922 with amendments). Previously possessed a DOD security clearance or capable of being cleared for one. Possess computer skills and obtain a Saudi Arabia driver’s license. Must be extremely knowledgeable of Military Supply Accountability regulations dealing with Control of Sensitive Items.

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