Apr 15, 2016

OCN Security Specialist , Afghanistan

Employer: Atlas Advisors
Location: Afghanistan

Positions Available 10

Position Description 

The Security Specialist ensures the overall safety and freedom of movement for company and other military staff between various locations throughout Afghanistan. The security specialist also works with senior security staff to protect and minimize the risk to personnel, eligible dependents, property and operations in his/her respective regional location(s) in conjunction with assisting the senior security staff with their security planning and operations support for the upcoming operations.

• Perform physical security responsibilities including assigning personnel, transporting
personnel, conducting briefings, visiting assigned posts and assessing threats,
• Screen personnel, collect and enter data into security database, and compare to watch list
• Implement resource protection/loss prevention requirements and conduct security checks of personnel, grounds, and facilities
• Develop and maintain positive working relationships with US and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Military, FN Population, and Host Country Military, Police, and Nationals
• Write, maintain, and store security logs, reports, and files Conduct fingerprinting, iris scans, photographical facial images; and collect other personal data
• Perform other duties as assigned
Minimum Qualifications • Other Country National (OCN) Preferred. Non-US Citizens
• Excellent physical condition
• Previous experience supporting the US military and/or Coalition Partners
• Valid Passport
• Driver’s license
• FBI Investigation Flies (name check search)
• Name Check against Terrorist Screening Database.
• 7 year local agency check
• Force Protection / Counter Intelligence (FP/CI) Screening
• Willing to travel overseas and work in austere environment and potential combat zones
• Must be team oriented; Must work well with little supervision
• Adequate English Skills (Speaking/Reading/Written)
• Basic Computer Skills (Microsoft Office, Internet, Email)
• Ability to successfully pass current theater (Mod 11) Medical Screening Requirements which include but are not limited to the following:

* Hepatitis A
* Typhoid
* Varicella
* Hepatitis B
* Anthrax
* Polio
* Tetanus
* Smallpox

Physical Examination
* Satisfactory BMI
* Blood Pressure
* Respiratory
* Cardiac
* Psychiatric
* Neurological
* Endocrine
* Vision
* Dental
* Overall Health

Investigations for the following:

* Hematology Blood Group
* Chemistry Panel
* Microscopy Urine/Stool
* TB ‐ Chest X‐Ray
* Hepatitis A
* Hepatitis B
* Hepatitis C
* Malaria/Typhoid

Desired Qualifications 
• A minimum of 5-7 years of military or civilian security experience with demonstrated capabilities in security risk assessment, planning, and organizing is preferred
• NATO or other Host Nation security clearance is preferred
• Practical experience in security management and experience in current overseas operations is desirable
Language Requirements • Adequate English Skills (Speaking/Reading/Written)
Benefits • Competitive compensation package
• Dynamic and challenging position with growth opportunities
• DBA (Defense Base Act) Coverage
• Medical Care while Deployed

About Us 
Atlas Advisors, LLC (ATLAS) is a HUB Zone, Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB) that consistently delivers innovative solutions to address the complex challenges of our global clientele through a focused variety of niche consulting and specialized personnel services.

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