Apr 5, 2016

Mini-SAR Embassy Intelligence Fusion Cell Liaision

Location: Colombia 

Responsibilities include: 
• Act as liaison for multiple customers with the SOUTHCOM Area of Responsibility (AOR) and is the platform’s central point of contact for local and CONUS collection management staff and various multi-agency intelligence representatives. 
• Exhibit comprehensive knowledge of platform capabilities to ensure effective employment strategies for satisfying tasked requirements. 
• Attends all platform specific briefings and meetings. 
• Coordinates with MSO, Pilots, and Maintenance for pre-flight mission planning. 
• Demonstrates solid understanding of the policies and regulations of flight operations as directed by AR 95-20. 
• Assists with processing, exploitation, and dissemination (PED) operations at deployed location to satisfy prioritized collection requirements.
• Exercises situational awareness while monitoring all aircraft communications as well as tracking mission status during the flight. 
• Submit daily pre & post-mission reports summarizing collection intentions/result, and aircraft and sensor status. 
• Knowledgeable of any restrictions which could impact route of flight (NFZs, borders, etc.) or affect collection and communicate these restrictions to the flight crew 
• Create maps for pre-flight briefing. 
• Act as program COMSEC custodian and coordinate with local DoD KEYMAT custodians for proper handling and issue of required keys. 

Minimum Experience and Education: 
• Candidates must have minimum of 4 years of military experience. 
• Candidates must have and be able to maintain a TOP SECRET/SCI security clearance through the duration of the deployment. 
• Some Liaison experience required. 
• High School Graduate

How To Apply:
Send your resume to: Email us: xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxx.com