Mar 23, 2016

Watch Keeper, Iraq

Location: Iraq

Duty Statement

The Watch Keeper is the focal point for the extraction and confirmation of all proposed client tasks both internal and external. The Watch Keeper is expected to receive, analyse, and disseminate all client information which is required to accomplish both mobile and static tasking during 24/7 operations in a high-tempo environment. The Watch Keeper must understand his duties and responsibilities, and ensure that the Operations room is organized to manage information efficiently and effectively.


Monitor and extract all client tasks to develop the operations forecast for tasking of assets.

Liaise with Clients, Team Leaders and SSO.

Liaise with client and Unity Support staff to confirm travel DTGs and monitor inwards/outwards movement schedule.

Update the Battle Tracking Map when any call-sign moves.

Update/Commence an incident sheet as required.

Monitor Tapestry and other tracking device ‘Spotreps’.

Record all radio traffic/Significant/Major Incidents in Ops Radio Log.

Maintain and answer telephones.

Monitor Watch Keeper client email.

Maintain and archive task sheets.

Maintain Radio, Key and Body Armour sign-out sheets.

Keep Operations Room Clean and Tidy.

Maintain Command & Control on all required Nets.

Inform OB when opening and closing the Command Net.

Conduct a Handover Briefing.

Alert the OPSM immediately on activation of critical incident/stand to.

Monitor daily battle tracking and report to OPSM.

Maintain log of all communications.

Prepare daily and 5 day Operations forecast sheet.

Attend daily OPS brief.

Carry out duties as directed by OPSM.

Maintain high levels of personal administration.

Maintain professional qualifications.

Essential Qualifications & Experience

Ex-military or ex-police with an excellent record of conduct. Relevant experience in a hostile environment for a minimum of one year. No criminal record; honourable discharge. Experience working as a watch-keeper or in a similar role for a minimum of one year. Demonstrated interpersonal communications skills. Highly developed IT skills for database management, and preparation of reports and presentations.

Desirable Qualifications & Experience
Previous experience in Iraq in a similar role. Ability to communicate in Arabic. Holds a current drivers licence.

Nationality Requirement
Australian preferred; UK, NZ, US permitted.

Security Clearance Requirement
Hold, or be able to obtain, an Australian Government Negative Vetted Level 1 clearance (equivalent to ADF SECRET clearance), or national equivalent.

How To Apply
Send your CV to: