Mar 13, 2016

Security Vetting Analyst (Intelligence Analyst)Saudi Aramco

Employer: Saudi Aramco
Location: Saudi Arabia

Position Description

Come and join us in a specialist role as a Security Intelligence Analyst within CSSD's Background Investigation Group (BIG). You will be joining a hard-working and friendly team within a growing business operating in a highly dynamic environment. The BIG is responsible for the pre-employment screening process for all Saudi Aramco new hires. You will be a core team member in a responsible position that offers interest and challenge. The security intelligence role is important as the successful person will be instrumental in assisting various teams of CSSD in gathering intelligence about job applicants as part of the pre-employment screening process, and also intelligence about existing employees as part of security management processes within Saudi Aramco. 

This role will require:
* Development of intelligence capability, tools and techniques that can be used for various security related processes (e.g., the pre-employment screening process or information security investigations).
* Training other CSSD employees in gathering open source intelligence and using it effectively to support various security related processes.
* Working with cross teams within CSSD, to provide relevant open source intelligence (e.g., social media sites) and private sources intelligence (e.g., criminal databases) on various subjects. In addition to the above responsibilities, the individual will assist the BIG Group Leader and other team members as required, which could include access control duties, assisting in developing processes and procedures, attending meetings in an advisory role and liaison with stakeholders. We're looking for someone with a good work ethic who can operate in a multi-tasking environment and can easily balance work volume with rigorous quality standards and consistently maintain a high level of attention to detail and focus. The role will suit an adaptable but organized specialist, with a real passion for providing a responsive and quality service. Strong communication skills, technology skills, professionalism and a personable and engaging approach are important for success.

Minimum Requirements

* A good work ethic and ability to operate with ease in a busy role
* Ability to balance work volume with rigorous quality standards
* Responsive and quality customer service
* Strong communication skills
* Professionalism and a personable and engaging approach
* Genuine team player
* Good Microsoft Office skills,
* Advanced use of Microsoft Excel
* Advanced knowledge of tools and techniques to support intelligence gathering from open sources (e.g., searching social media sites)
* Good quantitative skills that can assist in developing or enhancing scoring models
* Good learning agility; able to readily learn new systems, processes and procedures
* Copes well under pressure and thrives in a busy role with a self-driving approach
* Displays a questioning attitude. Clear evidence of using initiative and judgment
* Has integrity and maintains a confidential approach
* Delivery of administration work to deadlines and quality standards
* Exposure to compiling performance and other reports is highly desirable
* Strong organizing and delivery skills
* Self-starter and learner
* High levels of attention to detail and a concern for quality
* Questioning attitude
* Ability to spot and put in place everyday improvement
* Operates in line with company values: safety, courage, integrity, collaboration and inspiration
* A BA degree in accounting or equivalent experience in sensitive internal security supervision, or official case or corporate fraud
* Investigation experience
* Ten (10) years in corporate fraud investigation supervision with emphasis on construction and oil company problems
* Have an excellent command of the English language and be able to communicate technical or other intricate details in a clear and understandable manner
* Must be tactful and resourceful in dealing with problems of a delicate nature and implication
* Experience working in a highly regulated environment
* Personnel security experience
* Security/intelligence experience

Duties and Responsibilities
* Delivery of an effective intelligence framework, tools and techniques that can be used by other CSSD entities.
* Training other employees of CSSD in gathering open source intelligence as part of other security related processes.
* Proving open source and private source intelligence on various subjects to other entities within CSSD.
* Keeping accurate records and tracking progress of intelligence requests.
* Supporting BIG security clearance enhancement projects as required within the BIG.
* Preparing case reports backed by appropriate evidence and also supported by the quantitative risk scoring model.
* Adhering to policies and procedures.
* Other duties in line with the grade of the role, including day-to-day administrative duties (office supplies, etc.).

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