Mar 26, 2016

Security Manager , Papua New Guinea

Employer: Palladium
Location: Papua New Guinea

Closing: 28 March 2016

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Palladium having worked in PNG for over 20 years and delivering development programs on behalf of Australia's Aid Program (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) are seeking a Security Manager to take full responsibility for the security for Palladium's corporate personnel and across three programs Australia Awards PNG Program (AAPNG), Education Capacity Development Facility (ECDF), and Health Education Procurement Facility (HEPF).

Palladium have a large number of international advisers and other personnel working across three separate programs and many different locations in Port Moresby and regionally in PNG. Keeping all personnel safe in a security sensitive environment such as PNG is a complex undertaking. There is a commensurate increase in need for vehicle travel, accommodation assessment, security assessment, communication system checking, equipment purchase, checking and replacement, information notification, monitoring, liaison with security providers plus emergency and extraction protocol preparedness. Palladium is therefore increasing the security coverage capacity so that the highest standard of care can be provided and risks to personnel minimised.

The purpose is for Palladium to operate in the safest possible way with risks inherent to operating in PNG kept to a minimum and all Palladium systems representing world's best practice appropriate to this operational environment. The Palladium Security Manager will therefore be instrumental in supporting the implementation of the Palladium Security Plan for the operational theatre.

Scope of Work
The Security Manager will be responsible for the following and deliverables as part of his/her contractual responsibilities:
Advise the Country Director and Team Leaders on all aspects of Security;
Work in collaboration with the Palladium Group Security Director, Program Operations to ensure that all security relatedsystems operate effectively;
Work in collaboration with the Group Security Director in the process of improving the Security Plan for PNG and its implementation and security planning capacity;
Monitor all relevant security information sources and be responsible for the distribution of the required information to all personnel;
Provide training for all personnel where appropriate and requested;
Conduct risk assessments in provincial areas;
Manage the distribution, maintenance and register of security equipment and assets;
Organise and coordinate security training as per SOP requirements;
Provide recommendations for all security related equipment purchases and conduct purchases through agreed procurement procedures;
Conduct security knowledge update briefings with all international advisers to ensure sufficient knowledge and compliance;
Report all breaches of security plan compliance to the Country Director;
Lead in security coordination for all personnel, sub-contractors, associate organisations visiting PNG;
Conduct mobilisation briefings in collaboration with the local security provider representative ('Blackswan');
Conduct all periodic accommodation security assessments and provide recommendations for updates to these requirements as appropriate;
Conduct periodic assessments of the Security provider performance;
Coordinate all drills relevant to the implementation of the Security Plan;
Provide a local conduit to the project for Group security updates and planning;
Be the primary contact for interaction with the security provider ('Blackswan'); and
Be the primary contact for all advisers and personnel for security related issues.Methodology, reporting and working relationships
The Security Manager will be based in Port Moresby and will report to Palladium's Country Director. He/She will undertake frequent travel to provincial locations, including Bougainville and Lae, to conduct security assessments and provide support to personnel traveling to and based in these locations. He/She will report to the group Director Security and work in collaboration with the Program Team Leaders and Operations Managers to implement the security plan.

Qualifications and Experience

a)At least three years' relevant work experience in security system implementation for international development project activities;
b)Demonstrated understanding of security plan development and implementation in a developing country context;
c)Experience in monitoring, evaluation and performance reporting of programs and activities;
d)Experience working in diverse teams with a focus on relationship building; and
e)Experience in supporting high-level dialogue with government ministries and other development partners regarding program management, resource allocation and capacity development.
a)Knowledge of the security sector and stakeholders in PNG.
b)Knowledge of and experience in security training.
c) Demonstrated high level cross-cultural, interpersonal, written and oral communication skills, including written reporting skills for a variety of audiences.
d)The ability to work effectively in a large organisation to negotiate organisational change with a range of internal and external stakeholders.
e)Understanding of the developing country context and equity related-issues including Gender, HIV&AIDS, social inclusion and disabilities in a development context.

Terms and Conditions
The Security Manager will be employed on a full-time basis for up to 12 months with a possibility of extension. The Security Manager will be expected to comply with Palladium Australian policies on risk, fraud and Child Protection. He/She will be required to adopt a flexible and responsive approach to tasks and will be required to demonstrate initiative and drive.