Mar 21, 2016

Security Guard

Recruiter: Constance Lemuria Resort
Location: Praslin, Seychelles
Closes: 10 April 2016

Job Summary: 

The Security Guard is responsible for the safety of the guests and staff members at the hotel. He is familiar with identities of the Head of Departments and Supervisors and has a working knowledge of their areas of responsibility. He should establish a rapport and foster a spirit of cooperation and respect and to be willing to assist and be helpful without compromising security and safety.


Responsibilities and duties for this position shall include, but not be limited to, the following areas and activities. At management discretion, direction may be given for tasks outside the scope of work described.
Reports for duty at specific times and consults with the officer being relieved as to current activities and/or problems: checks security log and any other appropriate sources for information needed to perform their duties.
Is thoroughly familiar with the entire property and cognizant of the areas and functions likely to require attention by security personnel.
Maintains a complete understanding of emergency procedures to be followed in any situation.
Possesses a thorough knowledge of current Emergency Procedures. These procedures are to be strictly adhered to.
Responds as necessary to all calls for assistance by Department Heads, supervisors, or employees of the hotel as well as security personnel.
Investigates all reported crimes, injuries, or unusual incidents; makes necessary reports to document incidents.
Keep the Security Manager informed of any noteworthy incidents or conditions, disciplinary problems are any information deemed helpful to the performance of his office.
Contact the Security Manager in any case not covered by instructions or when in doubt regarding appropriate actions.
Be fully familiar with the policies and procedures relating to fire, bomb threats, flooding, power failure, elevator emergency and hotel doctor, ambulance call out, safety, first aid and security.
Immediately respond to emergencies such as fire, theft, accidents, etc.
Ensure maximum guest, employees and hotel facilities safety and security at all times.
Document all activities during each shift as directed by the Security Manager.
Perform duties as assigned by the Supervisor.
Perform security rounds as designated by the particular posts.
Perform any other duties as requested.
Present a good appearance and image to the public and employees at all times.
Develop and maintain contact by offering helpful, courteous and professional services.
Maintain personal hygiene at all times.
Be present on duty in immaculate uniform.
Be smart, friendly and firm.
Create and maintain the highest standard of Security at all times, being professional in attitude, appearance and application.
Perform any other duties assigned.