Mar 21, 2016

PSS/Senior Guard Shift Supervisor

Employer: Academi
Location: Afghanistan

Job Description

Supervise Two (2) or more Senior Guards/Supervisors.
The PSS/SGSS shall be designated as a Guard (G) in reference to the Section H, Deduct Clause
The PSS/SGSS is required to attend the PSS training as outlined in the contract
The PSS/SGSS shall obtain weapons qualification as outlined in the contract, with the Glock, M4, Shotgun, M240, M249 and M203 and familiarization fire for the AK47
The PSS/SGSS vetted personnel are authorized to permanently fill the Labor Categories of Senior Guard, Guard, or PSS
On-site supervision of large groups of guards or specific sectors or functions of the guard program

Job Requirements

U.S. citizen/TCN/LN as specified in the task order
Three (3) years of experience in protective security assignments
Level 3 English proficiency
Fluent in native language of TCN guard force
Experience can be gained in the employ of any Federal, State, Local or commercial entities providing high threat protective services that require skills similar to those outlined in Exhibit E (Training) Curriculum) of the base contract.