Mar 10, 2016

Police Peacekeeping Expert for Mission Planning , Africa

Employer: New Century US
Location: Africa


New Century US is actively recruiting for a qualified Police Peacekeeping Expert for Mission Planning. This position is open on an awarded contract and involves travel to an international organization's headquarters, a donor capital, and/or local travel within the peacekeeping host nation.

New Century US is a leading global provider of police and military intelligence capacity building services. We work for the U.S. government to train and mentor foreign security forces that are supporting U.S. military and foreign policy objectives. These services include development of doctrine, skills transfer (mentoring, advising, training), institutional capacity-building, and other tailored security solutions. New Century US focuses on building capacity on the local national level. New Century US corporately is composed of a New Century Consulting, Ltd, the UK parent company based in London, and New Century US (NCC, Inc.), based in Washington DC.

Position Description:

New Century US is actively seeking a Police Peacekeeping Expert for Mission Planning to support our government customer. The Police Peacekeeping Expert for Mission Planning will, in the event of a new major peacekeeping mission, assist the United Nations, a regional organization, or an international coalition to design and plan a police mission and possibly to help stand up the new police structure. The expert will contribute technical expertise to help prepare the new or expanding mission to manage complex police tasks in a peacekeeping environment.

The Police Peacekeeping Expert will be required to support Mission Planning when a new major peacekeeping mission is authorized or in the event that an existing police mandate is expanded. The expected duration of a planning assignment is 100 days, including up to five (5) days prep, 90 days in-country, and five (5) days travel and follow up.

The Capacity Building and Organizational Development Expert duties include but are not limited to the following tasks:

• Suggesting effective ways the police section could be structured, envisioning the skills sets and numbers of police (e.g., Formed Police Units, Individual Police Officers, other specialized units) that will be required to fulfill the array of police duties, establishing a headquarters, instituting communication procedures, applying best practices from past missions, identifying unique mission circumstances that may necessitate special consideration, and other tasks as assigned by the customer and/or requested by the mission leadership.

Minimum Qualifications:
• Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution, Master’s preferred
• Career spanning at least 10+ years of progressively responsible experience as a sworn police officer in a major policing department
• Experience in an international police setting, which may include police training, mentoring, advising, program design, and/or foreign assistance implementation
• Demonstrated experience designing and planning for the needs of an international police mission
• Ln-depth knowledge of UN police policy, roles and responsibilities, command structure, etc.
• Experience working with police in developing and/or post-conflict environments
• Ability to translate plans and guidance into actionable project tasks
• Ability to work collegially in a high stress multi-national environment

Preferred Qualifications:
• Experience in a peacekeeping or multilateral mission
• Foreign language skills may be required depending on the country context
• Familiarity with U.S. foreign policy goals and priorities relevant to peacekeeping
• Familiarity with the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations
• Demonstrated initiative, well-developed problem-solving skills, flexibility, receptivity, and creativity in dealing with the complexity of working on an international team.

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