Mar 6, 2016

Guard Force Commander (USA Embassy) , Guatamala

Location: Guatemala

Project Overview:
This project is to secure the Embassy Compound and provide protection for personnel located within Guatemala City by ensuring that a structured static Guard Force professionally prevents unauthorized access; protects life; maintains order; deters criminal and terrorist attacks against employees, dependents, and property; and prevents damage to all U.S. assets.

Position Overview:
The Guard Force Commander (GFC) is the ‘enforcer of systems and procedures’ and is the resident ‘quality auditor’, who ensures that the guard force maintains professional conduct within the structures of the SOP’s, Rules and Regulations and directives maintained within the contract.

Position Responsibilities:
The Guard Force Commander (GFC) has the responsibility for assisting the Program Manager (PM) in the overall management of the Local Guard Force and all related activities of these personnel. This role will be to assist the PM in training, assessment, management, equipping, tasking, evaluation, discipline, motivation, and administration of the security guard team.

Position Qualifications:
The Guard Force Commander (GFC) must have:
  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • A minimum of 10 years supervisory experience with a U.S. Embassy contract.
  • A minimum of five (5) years of police, similar military, or local guard force supervisory experience.
  • Must be computer literate to a basic level, that is, able to write basic reports, Standard Operating Procedure, and e-mail including all common office management software (e.g. Microsoft Office).
  • Must be bi-lingual in English and Spanish commanding both languages fluently.
  • An understanding of the social, political, and economical structure of Guatemala is required.
  • The GFC must reside in Guatemala City and be responsive to the customer/corporate at all times.
  • Must be a licensed driver.
Supervisory Qualifications:
  • Supervising the guard force that provides protection to all U.S. Mission facilities.
  • Preparing guard orders, deployment of guards and weekly scheduling.
  • Conducting regular inspections of guards and guard posts.
  • Investigating irregularities.
  • Preparing reports and making recommendations regarding discipline and termination actions.
  • Overseeing the refresher training program to ensure compliance and effectiveness.
  • Overseeing guard program logistics, including, e.g., explosive detection and x-ray equipment.
  • Acting as a point of contact with the RSO/COR on operational guard force matters.
Pre-Employment Requirements:
  • The GFC must pass a suitable investigation conducted by the Contractor, including proof of successful employment during the past three (3) years as well as recommendation(s) from their respective supervisor(s).
  • A police check covering criminal and/or subversive activities and a check of personal residence will be required.
  • For employees who will operate vehicles in performance of this contract, a Contractor review of the individual’s driving record is also required.
  • The GFC is subject to Random Drug Testing and a full medical evaluation prior to deployment to Guatemala.

How to Apply :
Please, submit your CV along with a cover letter, highlighting your  compensation requirements to: