Mar 17, 2016

Development of Online Training in Remote Security Management (Mission Ready)

Employerr:  RedR UK
Location: United Kingdom/Northen Ireland
Closing date: 20 Mar 2016


The purpose of this consultancy is to develop the written content for a 4-module course on Remote Security Management (RSM) for RedR’s Mission Ready online platform.

Mission Ready is an e-learning platform for humanitarian professionals that uses cutting edge technology to enhance learning through interactive video scenarios which reinforce the written content that is within each module.

The modules are based in the following topics:
RSM in Project Design
RSM and Implementation of project
Escalation of Security situation during implementation RSM and project closure/suspension
RSM and project closure/suspension
Duration of consultancy

The work detailed in the terms of reference to be completed between 14/03/16 and 30/04/16. See detailed timeframe below for more details.


Stage 1
Discussion of consultancy and expected outputs between consultant and commissioning manager
Agree terms of reference
Return signed contract

Stage 2
Review game narrative (supplied by RedR)
Review and feedback on film script supplied by RedR for RSM

Stage 3
Reading days - complete the Mission Ready Field Security management course (already released) and review all key documents for Remote Security Management.

Develop a course overview based on the existing learning points and to reflect the key areas of the game and script developed by RedR with the following sections:
o Aim, objectives and key learning points for each module
o List key reference documents or sources relating to each module
o List key activities expected in each module

RedR will feedback of drafts submitted and clarification of amendments if necessary in agreement between consultant and commissioning manager

Stage 4
Develop draft materials for each module including all diagrams, images and reference material
Develop pre and post test questions to measure users gain in knowledge based on course content
RedR feedback from commissioning manager provided to the consultant and agreement between both parties on completion of the course materials

Stage 5
Finalise module materials, using the Mission Ready format (supplied by RedR) for each module, plus pre and post test and introduction to case study
Finalise course overview in excel (format to be provided by RedR)
Final checking of materials and last minute amendments followed by sign off of materials submitted by RedR

N.B. All images should be clearly referenced and only images with a creative commons license to be used. At each stage you will be expected to talk directly to the commissioning manager for sign off and RedR’s security Manager

The output will principally be in the form of written content in word, PowerPoint and excel documents. It is expected that the materials will be of a high quality in presentation and content and will be suitable for use by a trainer other than the author.

Electronic formats will be provided by RedR UK and trainers will be expected to use the formats while creating materials. Final formatting will be done by RedR UK.
What RedR will be responsible for

RedR UK will provide blank formats for trainers to use and examples of appropriately completed materials. Responsibility for final formatting will be done by RedR UK.

For the course development RedR UK will also ensure that materials are reviewed after each stage according to the agreed detailed time frame and appropriate feedback given within the agreed timeframe.

Should any concerns arise on the timing, scope or quality of the materials, RedR UK will inform the consultant as soon as possible and will work with him or her to identify ways to ensure contractual requirements are met.
Clarification of Terms
Film script – this refers to the script which our partner Digital Training Solutions will develop to film the interactive game scenarios
Game narrative/diagram – this refers to an outline of the game, focusing on the decision points which the user is asked to choose from
Module content – this is the written content which the user will read before playing the interactive game
Pre and post test questions – these are test to assess the gain in knowledge from the course and are based on multiple choice questions
The total fee for this consultancy is £3960.


To apply for this consultancy opportunity, please email your CV, along with any examples of your work in security capacity building, to the commissioning manager: