Mar 5, 2016

Bilateral Police Advisor

Employer: Dyncorp International
Location: South Sudan

Bilateral Police Advisor 1600749
Security Clearance: Top Secret

Job Summary
The Bilateral Police Advisor will work under the direction of the INL Director and serve as a liaison between the U.S. Embassy, INL, UNMISS, and South Sudan law enforcement and corrections entities, and will report to the U.S. Embassy. An emphasis will placed on building relationships between UNMISS, INL, U.S. Embassy Juba, and South Sudanese law enforcement and corrections entities.

Principal Accountabilities
(Typical duties include the following, although specific duties vary by assignment or contract.)
Provide accurate reports, analysis, and statistics on significant operational issues of interest to the mission.
Collaborate with UNMISS, UNPOL, and UNCAS staff to ensure the success of the mission.
Perform other duties and responsibilities as determined by the DPM/Contingent Commander, and Contracting Officer Representative (COR), in conjunction and agreed upon by UNMISS, Department of State Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL), and UNPOL.
Will work with and liaise directly, at the direction of the INL Director, with the Inspector General of Police for the South Sudan National Police Service (SSNPS).
Will work directly for and with the INL Director as a law enforcement subject matter expert
Will develop strategies and mechanisms with the INL Director to institute and facilitate police development as a result of the new peace agreement within the backdrop of governmental transition.
Develop police transitional and reformative initiatives with the intent to assist in developing a professional national police service with the intent to regain the trust of the South Sudanese population toward the SSNPS.
Liaise with multiple stakeholders, UNMISS and other donor countries, in developing support mechanisms to improve the SSNPS.
Furnish recommendations to INL regarding possible opportunities and initiatives to improve national training initiatives and when possible, improve resources, personnel and equipment, of the SSNPS.
Provide strategic planning and concept of strategies responsibilities.
Knowledge & Skills
Thorough knowledge of international standards of law enforcement in a democratic society.
Excellent English communication skills (reading, listening, report writing, and oral presentation) and the ability to participate fully and effectively in conversations on a variety of topics in formal and informal settings from both concrete and abstract perspectives. This includes being able to discuss their fields of competence, explain complex matters in detail, and provide concise and coherent narrations.
Working knowledge and demonstrated proficiency in Microsoft Office products, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
Ability to operate a manual transmission 4x4 vehicle.

Experience & Education
Seven (7) or more years’ experience as a full-time law enforcement officer in a full-service U.S. law enforcement agency with experience in a supervisory or managerial position.
At least one year of international experience in law enforcement operations and reform preferred.
Previous progressively responsible leadership experience, and experience in multiple aspects of law enforcement.
Current United States state driver’s license valid for the full period of performance of the contract.
Retired personnel can be deployed, if retired within the past 5 years.
Prefer experience in one or more of the following: senior management/senior level command, project development, executive leadership development, internal investigations, intelligence, community policing, logistics and resource management or police reform and restructuring.
Mastery of law enforcement principles, methods, and practices to provide subject matter expertise in advising, mentoring, planning, development, and oversight in law enforcement programs.
Superior negotiation and interpersonal skills.

Physical Requirements/Working Environment
Shall be in excellent physical condition in order to meet all UN medical requirements and be able to drive a standard transmission 4x4 vehicle.
Living and working conditions at assignment location could be remote and uncomfortable.
Long hours, exposure to weather and hazardous conditions.
Personnel should be aware of moving on short notice and under adverse conditions.
Place of duty and environmental conditions can be extremely austere, harsh and work can be performed under hostile and life-threatening conditions.

Ability to travel domestically and internationally.


Drivers License and Passport need to be valid at the time of application to be considered for this position.

Drivers License and Passport need to be valid and not expire during the 1st year of mission or must be renewed prior to deployment.

UN Requirements-
UN Medical form (M2) required
Driving Test on a manual transmission

Unposting Date Ongoing