Feb 15, 2016

Team Chief/ Armorer Lead Trainer , Peru

Location: Lima, Peru 

The period of performance shall be for a one (1) month Phase-In Period and Base period of 11 months.
The work to be performed will be accomplished at PSOF headquarters, Lima, Peru.

Must be retired/ former senior military NCO or Warrant Officer (E7 or above to include Warrant Officers) MOS 91F.
Must have extensive experience working in combat arms units as a small arms/ artillery repairer and unit armorer.
Should have experience running weapons maintenance and repair programs and arms rooms up to Battalion level.
Must be bilingual in English and Spanish with a score of 3, 3, 3 Defense Language Profiency Test (DLPT) or civilian equivalent.
Must be able to develop, implement, and manage a program to provide services for weapons and NVD maintenance and repair training; Armorers courses; policy and procedures development and implementation for accountability, maintenance, and repair.
Must be able to provide instruction and technical assistance for a battalion level weapons and NVD program consisting of approximately: 1,000- M16A2s, 500- M-4, 120- M-60, 50- M240B, 1- 81 MM, 20- 60 MM, and 35- PVS-5s.
Must be able to advise and assist PSOF to request, receive, identify, inventory, store, and account for all -related parts, tools, sets, and kits
Must be able to attend an Orientation Course in Fort Bragg, NC prior to deploying to Peru.
Must be able to develop POI/ standards to ensure the proper maintenance, repair, storage, and accountability of all PSOF Weapons and NVDs.
Must be able to develop and implement through the PSOF standardized arms room procedures for all PSOF for proper storage and accountability.
Must be able to mentor PSOF armorers throughout the period of performance.
Shall be fluent in both Spanish and English, as all training will be conducted in Spanish.
Must be able to read, write, speak, and understand the Spanish and English language to effectively carry out all contract requirements.
Must be a U.S. citizen
Must be willing to provide all information required for background checks to meet installation access requirements.
Must be neatly groomed and dressed to present a professional appearance at all times.
Must be willing to undergo a medical physical and be found medically, physically, and psychologically fit for performance of their duties without limitation in an austere and physically demanding environment and are free from any unmanaged medical, dental, or psychological condition.
Must be willing to receive all required vaccinations as outlined in the Foreign Clearance Guide (HTTPS://WWW.FCG.PENTAGON.MIL)

This position is contingent upon contract award.


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