Feb 26, 2016

Special Advisor for Corrections (DAP) Field Support

Employer: Dyncorp International LLC
Location: OCONUS
Security Clearance: Moderate Risk Public Trust (MRPT)

Job Summary

Working in conjunction with the Special Advisor to the Director of DAP , the position function is to provide advice and mentoring to DAP field offices, especially in the locations of INL-constructed prisons, as the DAP opens and begins to operate these facilities in 2016 and beyond. The advisor should provide DAP leaders and officers sound management guidance to help the unit meet lawful objectives, maintain humane conditions at the prison, alleviate overcrowding conditions to the extent possible, establish standard operating procedures (SOPs), and conduct training as appropriate.

The advisor should also facilitate meetings and information flow to and from the Director of the DAP, via the contractor’s other DAP Special Advisor. The advisor’s primary geographic responsibilities will be to assist in the opening and operations of prisons at Cabaret, Petit Goave, Fort Liberté, and Hinche, and the advisor will be expected to travel as necessary within Haiti to these locations and to all ten geographic departments to evaluate prison and detention conditions and assist DAP field operations.

The advisor’s in-country travel will be arranged with COR approval. The advisor will incorporate into her/his duties the coordination with the HNP of all Director of Central Administration Administrative and Security aspects of the DOS/INL Washington/INL Haiti programs in Haiti. The advisor shall coordinate all activities with the INL Haiti Director, attend regular meetings at the Embassy with the INL Haiti Director, and be responsible for preparing a written monthly report, which not only details activities undertaken, but provides an assessment of challenges and successes to INL programs and the work of the DAP.

Principal Accountabilities/General Responsibilities
Work with the INL Haiti, the Embassy Police Advisors in Port-au-Prince, the contractor’s DAP Special Advisor, and with the Haitian Government, to assist the DAP to open and operate INL-constructed prisons at Cabaret, Petit Goave, Ft. Liberte, and Hinche, acting to avoid duplication with the United Nations and other interested international donors. Similarly work to evaluate and assist other DAP field operations across Haiti’s ten geographic departments.
Assist HNP DAP leadership to design and implement administrative structures and processes which improve the systems and processes for information flow and control, especially standard operating procedures within prisons and detention centers.
Coordinate all efforts with the Special Advisor to the Director of DAP to assure seamless support to the DAP.
Review plans, agreements and official correspondence for the Director of DAP and provide advice and guidance.
Facilitate communication and direct interface between the Director of DAP and the United States Embassy.
Prepare concise and accurate records and reports; Keeps INL Washington/INL Haiti regularly informed of programmatic and political developments.
Knowledge & Skills/ Experience & Education
All advisors shall have a combined total of eight (8) years work experience with at least five (5) years experience in their relevant field (i.e. for police advisors federal, state, municipal, and county law enforcement service; for corrections advisors correctional service; for justice advisors as an attorney, judge, or justice sector professional; for specialist advisors, professional experience directly related to their advisor skill set)
Advisors must be employed in the respective lines of work for which they are being considered (i.e. police officer, prosecutor, etc), or be recently retired/separated within the last five (5) years.
Ability to communicate in English (Foreign Service Institute standard level 4 for writing, reading comprehension, speaking for U.S. citizens and level 3 for third country nationals). Proficiency in English; as well as Haitian Creole and/or French is required.
Valid U.S. driver’s license and ability to operate a standard transmission vehicle (an International Driving Permit for third country nationals)
Unblemished background
Excellent health and be able to pass requisite physical, medical and psychological tests appropriate to assigned mission/country
Valid U.S. passport (for non – U.S. citizens, valid passport from their country of citizenship)
Negotiating, interpersonal and leadership skills
The ability and willingness to train other individuals in their area of expertise
Must pass a nine-panel drug test for THC, Cocaine, PCP (Phencyclidine), Opiates, Methamphetamine, Methadone, Amphetamine, Barbiturates, and Benzodiazepines.
Associates degree or higher required. A Corrections Academy Certificate (minimum of 120 hours of correctional training) is also required. In-depth understanding of the mandate of the Haitian National Police.
Previous international experience in corrections operations desired.
Previous experience in prison administration operations including resource management.
Minimum of eight years supervisory experience in a correctional and/or Police department/agency is required.
Extensive knowledge required of international human rights standards in the treatment of prisoners.

Physical Requirements/Working Environment
Ability to perform key responsibilities under conditions which may include: limited supervision and resources, personal security risks, conflicting and changing priorities, primitive life support (lodging, food, and HVAC), language barriers, transportation limitations, disease, etc.
Must be able to pass and maintain the physical fitness, psychological, medical, defense tactics, and fire arms qualification requirements set forth by the contract.

This is an international position.
Ability/Available to travel internationally to potential austere environments.
Expected to travel as necessary within Haiti

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