Feb 13, 2016

Security Manager/Logistics Focal Point

Location:  France
Closing date: 31 Mar 2016

SIF is looking for a Security Manager / Logistics Focal Point for its Headquarters near Paris, in Massy (91).

He/she will work under the direct supervision of the International Operations & Programs Director. He/she will work in close links with the Emergency and Development Desk Managers and the logisticians of the department.

The Security Manager / Logistics Focal Point is responsible for creating and guaranteeing the systematic use of security & logistical tools in all SIF programs.

He/she will be responsible for:

Setting up a standardized framework for safety and security management (adapted to SIF and its specificities) and guaranteeing it is well known and properly used,

Monitoring all safety and security issues on all SIF international missions,

Promoting a “safety and security culture” within SIF,

Maintaining the quality and overall coherence of the logistics component of SIF international activities.

As such you will:

· Evaluate and review the safety and security tools and procedures currently used by SIF and if necessary produce new one, ensuring they are easy to use and matching with SIF and its specificities,

· Set up a "security mission pack" and ensure it is disseminated and properly used,

· Develop operational recommendations (general and specific) on all matters related to the safety and security of SIF field teams and properties,

· Make regular field visits & assessments and make specific operational recommendations,

· Establish a database of the safety & security incidents,

· Support the HQs Desk and fields Heads of Mission on security & safety management,

· Ensure that SIF missions are provided contextually adapted "security & safety equipment" (communications equipment, GPS, etc ...),

· Liaise with other NGOs and participate to NGOs coordination meetings on security issues,

· Collect information on the security situation in the SIF intervention areas, verify and disseminate them,

· Produce regular reports on the security context of each SIF international mission,

· Make the security and safety briefing of all expatriates or HQs staff going to the field,

· Develop a training module on field security management for both HQs staff and expatriates,

· Act as the main interlocutor of the International Operations & Programs Director on logistical issues,

· Guarantee the quality and overall coherence of the logistics component of SIF international activities,

· Ensure that the annual action plans of the International Operations & Programs Department and missions include logistics constraints,

· Oversee the progressive development of a SIF international logistics strategy,

· Supervise the work of capitalization, harmonization, adaptation and updating of logistics tools and procedures,

· Supervise the optimization of logistics costs,

· Participate in the updating / creation of new logistics recruitment tests for expatriates and national staff,

· Interface with the HR Department regarding the recruitment and training of HQs and field logisticians,

· Represent SIF in the logistics cluster.

Relevant Master’s level qualification or similar academic achievement in humanitarian safety &, logistics with a minimum of five years’ experience, mainly in senior management roles, with some in a project management capacity.

Excellent written and spoken English and French.

Determined hard worker, capable of rapid and quality turn around on a high workload and multiple tasks.

How To Apply:  
Please send your application (resume & cover letter) by e-mail to the following address: