Feb 28, 2016

Security Manager

Employer: SOS International LLC (SOSi)
Location: Overseas - Afghanistan
Requisition Number 1-160218-4122
                                               **This position is contingent upon contract award**

Job Description

SOS International LLC (SOSi) is seeking a highly qualified Security Manager to support a program providing in-depth mentoring, training, subject matter expertise, assistance, and programmatic support to USG-led coalition forces and Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF). The ideal candidate will have experience in security management in austere locations.

Essential Job Duties:

• Manages and supervises physical and personnel security operations in a hostile environment and act as the program subject matter expertise for all security matters
Responsible for safeguarding all USG equipment, information, and property provided for contractor use
• Establishes and implements security plan to prevent unauthorized use of keys, key cards, ID's, and security badges and ensure they are not lost, misplaced, or stolen; Reports such occurrences to the Contracting Officer
• Writes and submits reports for Serious Incidents, Site Security Analyses, and Risk Assessments
• Develops Security Standards Operation Procedures appropriate for the threat level and force protection level
• Other duties as assigned by the PM

Minimum Requirements
• Bachelor’s degree
• Former Public Safety/Police, Military or International Security Operations experience no less than a combined total of 10 years
• Must possess at least three years of experience in managing/supervising security guard operations overseas and in a hostile environment
• Able to accurately and concisely write reports of serious incidents and communicate in writing other documents such as Site Security Analyses and Risk Assessments
• Able to develop, amend and describe to others Standard Operating Procedures appropriate for the threat level and force protection level
• Able to communicate verbally with others in a concise and understandable way
• Demonstrates a strong ability to read and understand intelligence reports
• Demonstrates the experience and interpersonal skills to direct multiple and diverse security teams and operators
• Demonstrates the skills to instill confidence and commitment during stressful situations
• Demonstrates the skills, training and experience necessary to serve as the Security Subject Matter Expert
• Demonstrates the communication skills necessary to brief an audience on issues related to security

Additional Information
Work Environment:

• Personnel will work in harsh and austere locations in Afghanistan
• Ability to lift and/or move objects or packages of up to 25 lbs
• Work environment is often stressful and detail oriented

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