Feb 18, 2016

Security Manager , West Africa

Employer: AngloGold Ashanti
Location: Guinea

Purpose of Role:

Effectively managing the overall security function (strategic, tactical and operational) and resources at the operation in order to secure company assets, ensuring a safe and secure working environment.

Knowledge, Skills & Required Behaviours:
To treat safety as our first value - Placing people first and correspondingly put the highest priority on safe practices and systems of work.
To treat each other with dignity and respect - Being honest with oneself and others, and dealing ethically with all of our business and social partners.
To value diversity - Valuing the unique contribution each person can make to our business success.
To be accountable for personal actions and undertaking to deliver on personal commitments - Promoting inclusion and team work, deriving benefit from the rich diversity of the cultures, ideas, experiences and skills that each employee brings to the business.
To want the communities and societies in which we operate to be better off for AngloGold Ashanti having been there - Accepting responsibility and undertaking to deliver on commitments to colleagues, the business and AGA's social partners and investors.
To respect the environment - Continually working to mitigate environmental risks, prevent pollution, minimise waste, increase carbon efficiency and make efficient use of natural resources.

Fostering a team environment – Inspiring and Motivating Others, promoting Collaboration and Team work, Developing Others, Communicating powerfully and prolifically.
Managing oneself - Taking ownership of one’s personal development.
Building Effective Working Relationships - The ability to build and maintain effective collateral and cross functional working relationship.
Building Trust & Accountability – Displaying high levels of integrity and honesty.
Creating Organisational Transformation - Displaying strategic perspectives in adapting plans for achieving organisational objectives.
Maximising Performance Results – Solving Problems and Analysing Issues, Driving for Results, Displaying Technical and Professional expertise, Innovating, Taking Initiative, Championing Change, Establishing Stretch Goals.

Role Specific Knowledge:
Demonstrate effective knowledge & understanding of Safety, Health & Environment Management policies and procedures, OSHE legislation and principles in and around workplace (PPE requirements, housekeeping standards).
Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of good financial management practices including principles of budgeting and financial management.
Demonstrate an understanding of business model, structure and knowledge of the roles and accountabilities of collateral and cross functional team members.
Demonstrate the knowledge & application of managerial leadership.
Demonstrate the knowledge & application of ethical conduct and compliance with corporate governance, principles and social responsibility.
Demonstrate knowledge and techniques to execute projects effectively and efficiently.
Demonstrate knowledge & application of the appropriate policies and procedures for recruiting, selecting, developing, counselling, disciplining, and evaluation performance of subordinates to retain a diverse workforce.
Demonstrate knowledge within security field e.g. crime trends, country or site risk profile and keep current with developments and trends in area(s) of expertise.

Work Place:
Ability to establish a culture of safety for subordinates and ensure that work processes are free from safety and health hazard and that subordinates are properly trained to ensure safety.
Ability to apply budgeting and business accounting principles & perform financial planning and control functions.
Ability to plan, organise, allocate resources, execute, monitor / control work / procurement and contracts to ensure fiscal stability.
Ability to use appropriate methods to identify opportunities, re-design processes using best methods/ technology,implement solutions and measure impact to improve / maintain operational effectiveness within function / department.
Ability to follow & apply organisational procedures and legislative requirements.
Ability to apply managerial leadership concepts in workplace.
Ability to use statistical methods to analyse, validate & verify analytical data.
Ability to conduct & facilitated structured meetings / workshops effectively to achieve functional / departmental / organisational outcomes.
Ability to manage / provide oversight for project(s) and or establish a set of tasks / activitiesassociated with an intended outcome and timeline and all related activities in that project including quality assurance, environmental risks and safety.


Model behaviour that is consistent with the AGA Safety Vision and Values.
Identify and interpret safety risks and resolve emerging issues.
Ensuring that appropriate focus and resources are available to achieve safety objectives.
Drive and maintain processes to provide a safe workplace to all employees and external service providers undertaking work within area of accountability.
Set safety goals annually for area of accountability.

Operational Management:
Ensuring the successful implementation and adherence of the Security Framework at the Operation (mine).
Establish and maintain a methodology that supports strategic security intelligence and analysis, which contributes to the sustainability and "license to operate" of current and planned operations of the Operation.
Position the Security Discipline as a valued member of the Operations Management team and a specialist provider of technical advice and support.
Provide leadership, priorities, integration and technical advice regarding security specific issues and plans, and ensure their execution at Operation (mine).
Foster due diligence and good governance practices within the Security team including the effective use of management systems to monitor compliance to Global Security direction and policies.
Ensure policy and standards are implemented, in support of negating security threat and associated risk and audit compliance to identify gaps to be addressed.
Assist the local police in investigations and the execution of their duties on request and with approval from the MD / GM, including serving on public security forums, making civil arrests and handing perpetrators over into police custody as soon as possible after arrest.
Engage and collaborate with internal & external stakeholders to maintain effective working relations to ensure that security operations at operation / mine are conducted within regulatory jurisdiction and globally accepted social and human rights standards.
Establish networks in country, liaising with appropriate forums and governmental agencies and staff, to stay abreast of developments and proactively manage potential security risk which could impact on operation.
Identify, assess and mitigation of relevant threats within the area of responsibility.

Risk Management:
Maintain a sustainable process to identify, assess and rank security risk as these relate to the operation / mine in order to promote a security and risk-aware culture, ensure that any potential impact is understood, and facilitate effective decision making and security risk mitigation.
Exercising managerial leadership by ensuring that all subordinates have been properly inducted provided sufficient resources to conduct their tasks demonstrate the required behaviours and possess the necessary skills & knowledge to carry out their roles effectively and safely.

Financial / Cost Management:
Ensure preparation of annual budget for department and audit plan versus budget.
Ensure that the budget is congruent with the overall strategic plan.
Review and make recommendations to subordinates on their respective departmental budgets.

Desired Skills and ExperienceRole Requirements:
Minimum Qualifications
Relevant tertiary qualification in Security and/or Risk Management (programme management is a minimum requirement - ASIS CPP or equivalent).
French speaking is essential.

Role Related Experience

Seven (7) to ten (10) years' experience in a mining industry (Operations, Metallurgy, Security Administration and Investigation) and/or associated business field in a management capacity specialising in security and risk.

Legal Requirements
As required by in-country specific legislative requirements

Other Requirements
Knowledge in developing crime management plans and implementation of mitigating plans;
Experience in planning and executing security operations mitigating risk and lawful application of all investigative needs; Proven experience in project management of projects with a high level of complexity;
Be physically fit and be able to pass pre-employment and medical examinations / screening.