Feb 22, 2016

Security Manager – ANDSF Logistics & Sustainment Program

Employer: IDS International
Location: Afghanistan

IDS International is building a winning team to assist the Afghanistan National Defense Security Forces (ANDSF) Logistics and Sustainment effort. The program focuses on building organizational capacity and capability at all levels for a self-sustaining national security environment for the Afghan staff. It plays an integral part of the overall security assistance effort by providing skill sets and experience levels. This program synchronizes development of managerial and operational systems necessary for success. It plays an integral part of the overall security assistance effort by providing skill sets and experience levels. This assistance helps develop the core management and operational systems essential to enable the Afghans to independently and effectively plan, program, and manage their national army and Police forces.

IDS International is seeking a Security Manager to support the ANDSF Logistics and Sustainment Program in Afghanistan. The Security Manager’s responsibilities include managing security guard operations for the ANDSF Logistics and Sustainment program, writing reports of serious incidents, directing security teams and operators, and briefing audiences on issues related to security.

Bachelor’s degree.
Former Public Safety/Police, Military or International Security Operations experience no less than a combined total of 10 years.
Must possess at least three years of experience in managing/supervising security guard operations overseas and in a hostile environment.
Able to accurately and concisely write reports of serious incidents and communicate in writing other documents such as Site Security Analyses and Risk Assessments.
Able to communicate verbally with others in a concise and understandable way.
Demonstrates a strong ability to read and understand intelligence reports.
Demonstrates the experience and interpersonal skills to direct multiple and diverse security teams and operators.
Demonstrates the skills to instill confidence and commitment during stressful situations.
Demonstrates the skills, training, and experience necessary to serve as the Security Subject Matter Expert.
Demonstrates the communication skills necessary to brief an audience on issues related to security.

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