Feb 19, 2016

Security Guard , Middle East

Employer:Wyndham Hotel Group
Location: Manama, Bahrain

The Security Guard is responsible for providing protection and communication with hotel guests and employees. He/she is also responsible for patrolling hotel premises to maintain security, detect and report fire, security and safety hazards and/or violations of Wyndham’s rules and regulations.
Use proper radio etiquette at all times.
Maintain visual contact with the Front Desk/Night Auditor and the front door of the hotel by remaining in the Lobby area when not on property walks.
Maintain and review daily activity log.
Maintain confidentiality with respect to guest and employee incidents.
Hold briefing with Guest Services staff both at the beginning and end of shift.
Check ID of visitors/employees as necessary.
Access secured areas for authorized personnel.
Maintain an awareness of legal limitation of position (local, state and/or federal ordinances).
Assist guests to their rooms or assist guest’s w/entry into their rooms according to hotel standards.
Assist during medical emergencies.
Respond to emergency situations, including medical, security, guest complaints, etc.
Investigate assault complaints.
Assist outside agencies, as necessary, to maintain effective liaison.
Respond to altercations, and investigate.
Have knowledge of hotel and guestroom locking systems.
Monitor TV cameras, if applicable.
Challenge suspicious persons.
Check safety hazards.
Administer Heimlich Manoeuvre and or First Aid/CPR as necessary.
Complete Incident/Accident reports in a clear and concise manner.
Monitor employees as they enter and exit the building.
Conduct investigations relative to property losses, guest and employee accidents, and illnesses and crimes against the hotel.
Document all deliveries.
Patrol area to insure that areas are secure and free of unauthorized persons and disturbances.
Provide escorts to persons carrying money, or other requests.
Issue and inventory pagers, radio equipment and keys on a daily bases, if applicable.

sufficient degree or certificates in safety & security or similar.
Working experience in hotels.
Working experience in a similar role.
Proficient in English and Arabic language.
Being pro-active and act with integrity.

Employment Disclaimer

In some locations around the world, Wyndham Hotel Group manages hotel properties on behalf of a third party owner. At many of those properties, the Hotel owner is the actual employer, and Wyndham Hotel Group performs recruiting and hiring functions on behalf of the owner. I understand and agree that, by applying through this site, I may be applying for a position with a company other than Wyndham Hotel Group where Wyndham Hotel Group is serving only as the recruiter and will not be my actual employer.