Feb 23, 2016

Security Advisor , Middle East

Employer: Saudi Chevron Phillips Company
Location: Jubail, Saudi Arabia
Ref: KP686-107

The Role

This is preferably an accompanied direct hire employee assignment, based in the Industrial City of Al Jubail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabia). Residence is required at Company-provided accommodations located in Saudi Arabia. The assignment work schedule for this position will consist of five (5) consecutive days of eight (8) hour shifts with a two (2) day weekend.

The employee is expected to provide supervision, quality control, and administrative services support for this assignment. Company will provide residential and office accommodations, a laptop computer and appropriate business software, a mobile telephone, vehicle transportation for business purposes, and other equipment and materials necessary for use on the job.

The employee is expected to provide expertise and direction in personnel and asset protection and industrial security in a high risk environment, develop and recommend to management security policies, procedures, best practices and guidelines, develop and recommend to management security contingency and emergency response plans, advise management on the response to security incidents, and use sound business judgment in the development, recommendation and execution of security measures to protect Company personnel (including expatriate employees, spouses and dependents), assets, operations, information and reputation in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. The employee will be expected to stay abreast of the threat environment in Bahrain ensuring that travelers are aware of the most current security advice.

This position reports to the SPCo Executive President.

- Leads development, writing and implementation of a clear set of security policies procedures and guidelines, an integrated security plan and crisis response procedures, including emergency relocation, travel and journey management, and visitor procedures, new employee / visitor orientation, for the protection of company personnel, assets, operations, information and reputation;
- Recommends security measures for the best protection of expatriate personnel and other Company assets in accordance with the security environment;
- Ability to collect, collate, analyze and assess complex data for presentation and reporting to management and other personnel;
- Provides security guidance and support to expatriate employees and dependents;
- Plans and executes an Executive Protection program for visiting executives as requested;
- Assists management with implementing Operational Excellence (OE) Security of Personnel and Assets, Security Management System Security Program areas;
- Develops security incident response preparedness and counter-surveillance training programs for the company drivers, working closely with the S-Chem Learning and Development department; develops and executes drills and exercises to ensure the efficiency of these programs; develops and implements a process to record individual employee training and scheduling of refresher courses;
- Conducts security risk, threat and vulnerability assessments and reports to local management status of existing physical and technical security measures and procedures, along with crisis response preparedness;
- Assesses the capabilities of company security guard services (when requested) and drivers, and provides security training, guidance and support for continuous improvement;
- Develops and maintains working relationships and liaison with host country government security forces, law enforcement agencies, peer security professionals, U.S. Embassy and British Foreign Office officials, and other regional security personnel to develop and maintain best practices relative to security preparedness and crisis response;
- Prepares and submits security action plans and prepares security activity reports quarterly or as requested;
- Prepares timely reports on security incidents;
- Develops security awareness programs for Company personnel and makes security presentations to staff and management;
- Provides support for the S-Chem compound manager when required;
- Manage and facilitates administrative support for the transportation organization;
- Overall responsibility for the operations of the transportation organization;
- Oversight of the driver training and vehicle maintenance programs.

- Operational experience in international security, with specific emphasis on industrial security in the Middle East, or high risk security environment;
- Demonstrated excellent communications (both written and verbal) and interpersonal skills, proven ability to effectively communicate with all customers and stakeholders;
- Demonstrated ability to collect, collate, analyze and assess threat related information for presentation and reporting to management and other personnel;
- Demonstrated experience in conducting security risk assessments, developing security countermeasures appropriate for the risk environment, and implementing security plans, guidelines, policies and procedures that may apply;
- Demonstrated training and operational experience in crisis management and emergency response planning, with experience in executing these plans;
- Demonstrated experience in developing and conducting security training programs, especially in a culturally diverse environment;
- Demonstrated experience in development and delivery of driver training programs.
- Demonstrated experience and knowledge of integrated security systems; e.g., CCTV, intrusion detection devices, access control systems, physical security design specifications, etc.;
- Applies business experience, knowledge and skill to add value or solve business problems by assessing opportunities, targeting for improvement, and implementing cost-effective security enhancements;
- Listens to and fully involves others in development of security programs and security response solutions;
- Demonstrated experience and/or training in planning and conducting investigations;
- Demonstrated leadership ability – fostering teamwork, commitment and initiative to take the lead for security in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain;
- Demonstrated ability to work under sometimes stressful conditions for extended hours in known high risk environments;
- A minimum of ten (10) years experience in any of the following security related professions, individually or combined:
- Experience in law enforcement (military, civilian local, state or federal), or
- Experience in military intelligence or civilian Federal intelligence agency, or
- Experience in military special forces to include force protection, or
- Progressive experience in corporate or industrial private security;

The successful candidate will be required to provide a current police background check and relevant educational / training certificates as part of the residency visa process;

Experienced in the use of personal computers and business-related software programs, such as Microsoft Office;

Arabic language skills desirable, but not essential.

About the Company

S-Chem is comprised of three legal entities (Saudi Chevron Phillips, Jubail Chevron Phillips, and Saudi Polymers Company). Saudi Chevron Phillips Co. is a large scale benzene production facility in Saudi Arabia. And Jubail Chevron Phillips Co. is an integrated Olefins/Ethylbenzene/Styrene Facility, with Saudi Polymers Company as a world scale facility producing Ethylene, Propylene, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polystyrene and 1-Hexane.

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