Feb 24, 2016

Regional Security Coordinator , Pakistan

Location: Islamabad, Pakistan
Closing date: 07 Mar 2016

Job Description:

In order to facilitate and to maximise the impact of the humanitarian operations financed by the European Union and of the EU civil protection activities coordinated by the European Commission in Asia, the expert will be appointed to the post of humanitarian Technical Assistant (T/A) as Regional Security Coordinator (RSC) by the European Commission’s Directorate General for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection - ECHO.

The RSC will be based in Islamabad, Pakistan and will be required to carry out regular missions to assess the security and safety situation in DG ECHO’s operational areas. Consequently the RSC may be called upon to carry out missions linked to her/his specific responsibilities to other regions or to Brussels, if the need arises.

He/she will contribute to develop DG ECHO’s security and safety policy and procedures and will contribute to the enforcement of this policy and procedures in his/her area of responsibility, in close coordination with DG ECHO Brussels. In particular, the RSC has a supporting role in the field and will put at disposal of DG ECHO his/her expertise and technical qualifications to improve the safety and security of ECHO operations, staff, assets and information.

He/she should also be prepared to react to a current or evolving crisis in another country/region following a request by DG ECHO Brussels.

Qualification requirements:
Language requirements for ECHO Technical Assistant posts: mastering of at least 2 languages: English or French as first language; French, English, Spanish, Arabic or Russian as second language.

For the present position, an excellent command of English is compulsory, as well as a good knowledge of French.

The candidate must have at least 10 years experience in the security domain, including 3 years in security of humanitarian operations.

Previous experience in Asia (minimum 3 years) is required; experience in Pakistan or Afghanistan is a strong asset.


Interested candidates should send their application to xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxx.eu

Subject of the message: 206 – RSC – Islamabad, PAKISTAN