Feb 4, 2016

East Africa Regional Security Advisor

Employer: GOAL
Location: East Africa
Closing date: 11 Mar 2016

General Description of the Role:

GOAL has worked in East Africa for many years and has managed its in-country security in the region through a combination of Security Officers, Security Focal Points (double-hatted senior GOAL staff) and on occasion, through the deployment of a Regional Security Advisor. It is assessed that those GOAL countries that do not have dedicated security support would benefit from access to a dedicated security professional but at the moment the assessed security risk levels do not warrant a full-time, in-country security officer. This role is for a Regional Security Advisor working and based in the region and providing specialist advice and support to those countries that do not currently have a dedicated security officer: Kenya, Uganda, Malawi and Zimbabwe. There may, in time be scope to expand the scope of the position to include some aspects of other GOAL countries in the region who have dedicated security advisors: Sudan, South Sudan and Ethiopia.

Overall Objectives of the position:

The RSA role has four primary objectives:
To advise and to provide support to the senior GOAL country management on safety and security related issues and ensure that they are kept informed of all security developments and are in a position to take appropriate action when required.
To ensure that appropriate systems and procedures are in place to maximize the safety and security of all GOAL staff in these countries and that these systems and procedures are revised and practised on a regular basis..
To work with Country Directors and GOAL managers in the field at all levels to ensure that safety and security is mainstreamed into all areas of planning and operations.
The role is a Regional one and it is therefore important to take other countries in the region into account notably Somalia, as much of the insecurity in the region stems from this country.

Reporting Lines

The East Africa Regional Security Advisor will report to the Country Directors in each country with coordination and liaison conducted by the GSA or DGSA. The RSA will have a strong link with the Regional Operations Director.

Key Duties:

Security documentation
Produce security analysis and reports for the region to the GSA and all CDs.
Ensure that all incidents are reported, analyzed and actions taken where necessary. Ensure that incident tracking systems are present in all countries.
In each country, ensure that the Country Safety Security and Evacuation Plans (SSEP) and relevant Annexes are reviewed and updated on a regular basis.
Ensure that all Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and other security protocols relating to safety and security are reviewed and updated on a regular basis.
Advise and guide each of the Country SMTs in developing a range of appropriate contingency plans, ensuring that staff understand their roles in an emergency and that GOAL has the resources to carry out the contingency plans.
Ensure that staff in each country are sufficiently trained, briefed and prepared so that they are equipped to make sensible and timely security decisions for themselves.
Ensure that adequate communication and reporting systems are in place in each country.
Ensure that each country maintains an Emergency Contact database with up to date information for all staff.
Ensure that security information is available to all staff in the relevant GOAL countries.

Health and Safety
In conjunction with the appropriate GOAL health staff, ensure that offices and GOAL accommodation in the region have fully stocked, up-to-date First Aid and PEP kits.
Ensure that appropriate fire safety equipment is in place in all the countries and include offices, compounds and vehicles.Ensure that staff are aware of what to do in the event of a fire.
Oversee each country’s transport managers to ensure that all vehicles have the necessary safety and security equipment.
Ensure that each country has hibernation kits in all compounds and that the contents are checked on a regular basis to ensure that nothing has expired.
Assist each country to develop security phone trees and maintain a GOAL warden system.
Advise on and oversee the production of security induction materials for each country and ensure that staff arriving in the region are thoroughly briefed on the security situation and relevant security SOPs and protocols.

Ensure that in all the relevant countries; drivers and guards receive appropriate training to carry out their duties in a manner that keeps GOAL employees safe and secure.
Identify trainings that are appropriate to the needs of each GOAL Country and maintain a database of security trainings undertaken by individual GOAL staff, by country. These trainings include, but are not limited to, personal safety, first aid, mine risk education, and security management.
Train staff on various means of communication, including the use of radios and satellite phones.

When visiting the GOAL countries you should attempt to attend relevant security forums and meetings in order to develop more detailed regional security knowledge and understanding.
Develop contacts and information gathering systems amongst UN, NGOs, INGOs, government and embassies and share security information with them on a regular basis.
Liaise closely with the Regional Operations Director and with the GSA concerning changes in the security environment in any of the countries you are responsible for or within the region.

Carry out regular threat assessments at the country and regional level and, as far as is possible, in each of the key, higher risk, programme sites.
Assess communication equipment and systems in each country to ensure that it is adequate and effective and that staff are trained to use them.
Carry out assessment reports for all GOAL countries visited and brief the relevant SMT on the vulnerabilities and propose solutions.


At least 5 years experience working with INGOs in a security management position and/or field coordinator position with security management responsibility
Experience of working in East Africa
Experience of crisis management systems;
Ability to work under pressure to pursue multiple tasks simultaneously to successful conclusions;
Excellent report writing skills;
Committed team player
A good sense of humour

Ability to speak Swahili or another local language.

This Job Description only serves as a guide for the position available. GOAL reserves the right to change this document.

Any published closing dates are estimated. Due to the nature of GOAL’s work we aim to fill vacancies as quickly as possible. This means that we will close adverts as soon as we have found the right candidate and this may be before the published closing date. We would therefore advise interested applicants to submit an application as early as possible.