Feb 10, 2016

Armed Shift Supervisor , Afghanistan

Employer: Tiger Swan
Location: : Kandahar Afghanistan

Job Description:


Supervises all guard team supervisors. Shift supervisors are responsible for an entire internal security shift. Shift supervisors shall possess the following qualifications:

• Minimum 25 years of age.
• Must be an U.S. Expatriate and current Citizen of the United States and possess an active SECRET clearance.
• Able to don all required personal protective gear.
• Limited to a work week of not more than 72 hours per week.
• Possess a Military, Police background (under honorable discharge) or have equivalent training.
• Supervisor may be male or female.
• Must be qualified on primary weapon e.g. Calibers 9mm, 5.56mm. Must possess the ability to become properly trained and qualified on any Non-Lethal Weapons (NLW) that is recommended by the coalition forces. Any special weapons qualifications will be defined by COR.
• Female guards must be available to search females as male guards must be available to search males.
• Able to perform internal security guard services, at any potential internal security posting, for up to 12 hours (plus post-associated time), often in austere conditions to include extreme heat, cold, wind, dust, rain or snow.
• Must possess at least one year experience in managing and supervising security guard operations.
• Must be fluent in conversational English. Must possess the ability to read and write in English.

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