Feb 10, 2016

Armed Security Guard , Afghanistan

Employer: Tiger Swan
Country: Afghanistan

Job Description:

Armed security guards shall be provided in defense of FOB Oqab and also to protect U.S. military personnel acting as Advisors. These duties include the ability to conduct Guardian Angel on-installation reaction response team, perform local badging operations, man towers and vehicle and personnel entry control points to detect, identify, report, and guard against unauthorized personnel and contraband, as well as instruments of damage and destruction, in order to prevent threats from entering the FOB, and for FOB Oqab protection and for protection of military personnel, including Guardian Angel positions to protect advisors working outside of FOB Oqab.

Armed Guards shall possess the following qualifications:
• Minimum 25 years of age
• Must be a NATO country Expatriate and possess an active NATO/SECRET/REL RSM clearance
• Ability to don all required personal protective gear
• Limited to a work week of not more than 72 hours per week
• Possess a Military, Police background (under honorable discharge) or have equivalent training.
• Must be qualified on required weapons, (9mm, 5.56mm M4/M249, 12ga M-870/M-500, and 7.62mm M240B).
• Contractor personnel shall have the ability to become properly trained and qualified on any Non-Lethal Weapons (NLW) that is recommended by the coalition forces. Any special weapons qualifications will be defined by COR. Female guards must be available to search females as male guards must be available to search males.
• Able to perform internal security guard services, at any potential internal security posting, for up to 12 hours (plus post-associated time), often in austere conditions to include extreme heat, cold, wind, dust, rain or snow.
• Be fluent in conversational English. Must possess the ability read and write in English.
• Must be “Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle Operator certified.

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