Feb 29, 2016

Anti-Illicit Trade Operations Manager , Ukraine

Location: Kiev , Ukraine
Salary: Circa $30k

Job description:

Anti-Illicit Trade Operations protects client brands from the illicit trade that adversely impacts on consumer markets. The role includes, but is not limited to, identifying, developing, managing and directing AIT programs through Providers to undertake investigations & gather/share intelligence on the illegal trade. The incumbent is also responsible for investigating and identifying sources of leakage of diverted products, reporting such outlets in an evidential format for local law enforcement
Developing intelligence: Lead all local AIT efforts by building and directing investigations and enforcement programs. When necessary, recruit and manage AIT service providers (SPs) to undertake investigations and gather information on the local, regional and international illegal trade. Ensure service providers produce actionable information to investigate smuggling gangs
Law enforcement liaison (LE): Support AIT Regional Teams efforts to impact on the smuggling of goods as well as any illicit sales of diverted genuine products. This will include developing and directing investigations through SPs, setting clear objectives to identify quality information to share with LE and report on feedback. Organize AIT trainings for local customs and other law enforcement officials.
Reporting: Prepare detailed reports. Update management on the progress and objectives of investigations and present these reports (in both written and oral format) to internal and external audiences (when appropriate). Present to audiences within and outside of the company to demonstrate and explain AIT strategies and activities.
Budgeting: Efficiently and effectively manage local AIT budgets. Undertake robust financial planning and controls, and meet departmental reporting obligations. Maintain costs of AIT relating services at maximum optimal level.

Candidate profile:
An individual (with fluency in English , Ukrainian and Russian) that can build complex networking groups that energize people: will communicate openly and builds 2-way communication. You Initiate dialogue, leads with questions, provides and seeks feedback, straight talker, shares a passion for business.
An individual who can execute and takes action to improve team's performance, Conveys a sense of urgency, strives to exceed expectations, completes projects on time and to specification , applies sound project management principles, holds team accountable, voluntarily takes responsibility for tasks and projects.
Education: University degree in business, economics, law or other related fields
Work Experience: Will have experience in conducting and managing investigations in public and/or private sector or in legal support services in illicit trade. Experience in working effectively with local law enforcement and intelligence agencies would be a particular advantage. Languages & Computer Skills: Fluency in both oral and written English along with Russian and Ukrainian and computer literate.

How To Apply

To Apply for this Vacancy send your CV to : xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxx.com, quoting reference 5071553.