Jan 24, 2016

Senior Instructor Special Operations / EOD

Employer: Obsidian Solution Group
Location: Germany (EUCOM)

Security Clearance: Current DOD Top Secret

This position is contingent on contract award.

Job Summary
Senior Instructor Special Operations/EOD personnel are either former Special Forces or EOD operators who shall serve as SME(s) on the TTPs, SOPs, and POIs of the TSGs and communicate and train both military and civilian personnel on these plans and procedures. The Senior Instructor Special Operations/EOD shall serve as the SME on TSG search equipment, communications systems, surveillance equipment, and other mission essential gear. They shall operate specialized equipment on land, sea, and air either during contingency operations, training and/or exercises. The Senior Instructor Special Operations/EOD provides training to military and/or civilian personnel on the setup and operation of search gear and communications equipment and directly support WMD search operations.

Principle Accountabilities
Become an SME on all TSG TTP, SOPs, and POIs and is able to communicate these plans and procedures to the TSG Team within 90 days of award of this contract.
Become an SME on all TSG search gear and communications equipment and provides training to military and/or civilian personnel on the setup and operation of this TSG search gear and communications equipment
Develop and update TTPs, SOP’s, and POIs for all TSG mission sets.
Establish lesson plans, training scenarios, and exercises for military and/or civilian personnel.
Provide tactical and technical guidance to TSG contractor personnel.
Ensure the Junior Instructor Special Operations and C/B Instructor Technician on his/her team are TSG-trained and deployment ready.
Ensure established regulations, policies, and standards required to perform TSG mission are met and enforced.
Ensure the TSG trains by, and adheres to, SOPs, TTPs, and POIs.
Accountable for assigned Government Furnished Equipment (GFE).
Support the TSG team during tactical and operational planning.
Support military and/or civilian personnel during WMD search operations, up to and including tactical actions during the conduct of real world operations.

Knowledge and Skills
Demonstrated ability to manage and effectively lead teams in all operational and physical environments.
Ability to develop and implement suitable SOP’s, TTP’s, and POI’s for tasks as operational capabilities evolve.
Possess advanced skills in surveillance/counter surveillance techniques, advance (tactical/defensive) driver training (desired), a minimum of Level 2 Advance Special Operations Techniques (ASOT) qualified. This requirement may be waived on a case by case basis through a request submitted and approved by the COR with explanations as to the viability of the candidate to perform the Senior Instructor duties without this ASOT training.
Have a fundamental familiarity and understanding of CBRN Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE).

Experience and Education
Former Special Operations or EOD operator with experience working within a special operations environment.
Special Forces Qualification Course (SFQC) or service school equivalent for EOD.
Military instructor experience. No less than 2 years’ experience as an instructor at a training command or in an operational unit’s training department.
Completed Army Senior Leader Course or service equivalent for EOD.
Experienced in air operations.
Experienced in small boat operations to include small boat experience, coxswain qualified, or civilian equivalent.
Experienced in fast rope operations.
Experienced in climbing techniques.
Experienced in land and maritime reconnaissance and surveillance operations.

Physical Requirements and Work Environment
Must be able to pass a pre-deployment physical.
Must be able to work non-standard hours.
Physically capable of working extended periods in self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA).

Must be able to travel on very short notice.
Must possess a Current US issued tourist passport
Willing to receive Anthrax, Smallpox and other vaccines as required for the AOR