Jan 28, 2016

Security Manager

Employer:  Finolhu
Location: Finolhu, Baa. Atoll, Maldives
Closes: 24 February 2016

Key Responsibilities

Manage and maintain the security officers.
Ensure the roles and responsibilities of the Safety and Security Officers are identified and security officers are aware of them.
Security officers are trained for special rescue, fire fighting, lifesaving and various other arenas of safety and security
Continuous training programs are conducted to sustain an awareness among islanders on emergency situations
Establish a healthy relationship with the relevant government organisation related to security
Ensure all the safety and security officers are healthy and fit to perform their duties
Establish a good relationship with other Managers in the island.
Is proficient in the use of fire and life safety equipment and responds to emergency situations
Vigilantly observes and corrects potential safety & security concerns; reports related incidents to security manager immediately
Is proficient in Security Office procedures; Assists in activities at the Main, Diving and Supply Jetty as required
Administers First Aid and CPR when required and initiate the rescue operations