Jan 17, 2016

Security Manager

Location: Beirut
Deadline for applications: Monday, January 18, 2016

General objective
The Security Manager supports the Field Coordinator in the management of the security for the teams, programmes, properties and assets in Beirut and Mount Lebanon.

The Security Manager also support the Coordination Office (Lebanon Mission and Syria Mission resident in Lebanon) nationwide.

Responsibilities and tasks

I. Security and Safety
Ensure data collection, crosschecking and in-depth analysis of information related to the security and safety within the area of intervention; provide regular and ad hoc (if needed) formal reports to the Field Coordinator and Head of Mission
Provide a weekly SitRep Report for BML to the Field Coordinator and nationwide to the HoM
Monitor the overall daily staff movement in BML and provide regular feedback to staff on safety, especially when moving to the field,
Guarantee a smooth communication with all Departments in Beirut Base and set up clear coordination with Project Managers,
Be updated about all projects activities of Beirut Base for a regular security follow-up
Ensure security is set up properly during activities implementation in BML
Ensure security of Beirut Base Office with a proper security set-up (entrance doors, magnetic cards etc.) in coordination with Field Coordinator and Logistic Manager. Proactively, set up a network of Focal points in Beirut and Mount Lebanon, with a specific focus on risky areas, to ensure the rapid collection of information for the protection of the teams on the field when needed in direct coordination with the Field Coordinator,
Actively participate in security meetings internally to PUAMI and externally with other Stakeholders and provide qualitative minutes /reports on a regular basis
Participate in the elaboration and constant update of the Base Security Plan and the related set of security forms and documentation, such as, but not limited to: stakeholder analysis, hibernation plan, mapping, evacuation plan, constant companion, communication tree,
Collect, verify, analyse and report to Field Coordinator and HoM information that may affect the Organization operation,
Immediately alert the Field Coordinator in case of impending danger,
In case of a security related incident affecting PU-AMI staff, be the focal point for PU-AMI: reach the site of the incident, ensure follow up of incident, write incident report and provide regular updates to Field Coordinator (when related to Coordination and overall mission also to the HoM).
Regularly monitor movement of expat in the whole Country and provide guidance related to security
II. Training
Designing and providing Security Briefings as a part of New Staff Induction plans for Beirut Base and for the Coordination Office including Syria Team resident in Lebanon
Providing Security Briefings to visitors
Staying up to date on external training opportunities and suggest such trainings to Field Coordinator
Identify training needs among staff and suggest training packages to the Field Coordinator
Support the Field Coordinator for the organisation and facilitation of Security workshops with key members of the teams, take notes and provide qualitative minutes/reports

III. Representation and external coordination
Attend and actively participate in the security meetings with partners and donors, provide qualitative minutes to Field Coordinator and HoM on a regular basis
Together with the Field Coordinator, set up a plan for meetings with Local Authorities (State and non-State Actors) in the areas of implementation in BML
Together with the Field Coordinator, make sure that Municipalities in all areas of implementation in BML are informed formally about activities implemented.
Together with the Field Coordinator, create a network of focal points in Municipalities to directly be contacted in case of need or emergency
Meet State and non-State actors with the presence of the Field Coordinators and when not needed, provide reports and Minutes of Meetings
Support expatriate staff in visa related issues with General Security in coordination with HR Department

IV. Internal Representation and strategy making process
Participate in the weekly base meeting, and prepare the weekly SitRep report for the Field Coordinator
Participate to by-weekly Coordination meetings and provide a briefing update about Security situation in Lebanon by area of interest (Beirut and Mount Lebanon, Akkar, South)
Contribute to the development of the Mission strategy security-wise, participate in the proposal writing and reporting process for security context, threats and risks analysis, when requested

V. Confidentiality
Ensure confidentiality for all information dealt with in the course of the project, especially regarding information on beneficiaries that must not be shared outside PU-AMI

The tasks and responsibilities defined in this job description are not exhaustive and can evolve depending on the project needs.

Mandatory requirements

Language Skills: Fluent in Arabic and English (speaking/ reading/ writing)
Education Degree: University degree in Politics or a related field.
Work experience: 2 years professional experience in a security function, preferably in an NGO
Computer skills: Very good knowledge in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook)

Other requirement
Valid driving license (For minimum 2 year)

Other knowledge: Acquaintance with INGO' rules, procedures and regulations
Interest: Work in humanitarian relief

Transversal skills
Honest and trustworthy
Reliable, transparent, rigorous and well organized
Motivated and dedicated to his/her job
Able and willing to learn to extend his/her scope of work
Able to manage priorities, take initiatives and work without constant supervision
Motivated and dedicated to his/her job
Experience required:
2 to 3 years Education degree: Bachelor Degree Field of education:

Arabic: Good English: Good French:

How To Apply:
Submission guidelines: Kindly submit the cover letter along with your curriculum vitae with the position title in the subject of your email to:  xxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxx.org