Jan 14, 2016

Security Manager , Iraq

Location:  Iraq
Closing: 31 March 2016
Tickets: Business Class
30/28 rotation
Medical for self and subsidized for family

Security Process Management & Policy Compliance
Manages the Kurdistan security function to deliver against agreed goals appropriate to the situational status existing at the various operational CPDG locations within Kurdistan.
Manages and directs the contracted Security Provider and internal CPDG security management staff in daily tasks in support of the Project.
Ensures that all security related matters are conducted according to Security Regulations as laid out by KRG Ministries, Company policy, international industrial best practice and in accordance with the Voluntary Principles of Human Rights.
Monitors local security related developments, providing accurate and timely reports to assess and advise on matter relating to evacuation and emergency response.
Manages any security related incidents at local level.
Maintains an operations and information summary on schedule as directed by Corporate Security Manager.
Manages Emergency Response and Evacuation Plans as directed.
Verifies and collects processing of monthly timesheets and duty statements as directed.
Assists in the preparation of Company Security Policy and protocol.
Ensures quality control of contracted security provider and local staff.
Adheres and implements the Company’s HSE policy as specified at all levels.

Project Reports
Provides routine information reports and security assessments to agreed and directed schedule.
Manages and directs both expatriate and Kurdish security staff within the department as directed by GM Operations and Corporate Security Manager as appropriate.
Supports the Community Relations at Company and local level to facilitate project activities.
Prepares ad hoc reports as requested or relevant on the current security situation.

Functional Leadership Management
Ensures the effective achievement of Security department strategic and functional objectives through strategic management , and direct supervision of staff – setting functional and individual objectives, managing performance, developing, and motivating staff, provision of formal and informal feedback and appraisal – in order to maximise functional performance.
Builds a strong and appropriate Security team in order to ensure functional effectiveness, versatility and adequate cover for all functional duties,
Manages all staff under authority professionally, fairly and reasonably in line with Company HR policies and protocol towards agreed objectives.
Assists in the preparation and implementation of ongoing training schedules.

Reporting and Communication
Reports to the GM Operations on all issues relating to the management and processes of the CPDG Security function.
Liaises and maintain good relations with all security related organizations and Ministries, such as Asaish, Peshmerger, MOI Directorate of Emergency Police, Municipal Police Authorities, Ministry of Interior, and Ministry of Natural Resources.
Exhibits and maintains excellent working relationships with all Company staff.

Continuous Improvement of Position
Conducts a continuous review of functional strategy, effectiveness and capabilities and ensures security policies, procedures and systems are adhered to, and keeps senior asset management updated of contemporary practices.

Minimum Qualification
Recognised Security qualification or Bachelor degree in a related field
Minimum of 15 years’ experience in a similar working environment (within the Petroleum Industry) and within an isolated and zones of conflict.

How To Apply: 
Apply via this link:  https://goo.gl/bLtC5s