Jan 29, 2016

Security Manager , Africa

Employer: Empower
Location: Tanzania

Role and Responsibilities:

Co-ordinate all day-to-day physical security matters including security at all bank premises where Tanzania Police Force and other Private Security Companies have been deployed.

Overseeing the bank’s security framework to ensure that important security devices like CCTVs, panic buttons, fire alarm systems etc are properly installed and are in proper working order as per BOT’s Physical Security Policy and the banks’s own Physical Security Policy.

Ensuring that all new branches and service outlets have proper working physical security equipment.

Overseeing the process to ensure full remediation is performed to address all physical security defects and deficiencies in the bank’s branch network.

Conducting snap checks and site visits on the bank premises and ATM sites to check on the proper location and working status of physical security devices and promptly advising management on any pertinent findings that need to be immediately address

Liaising with branch managers to solve ATM queries where CCTV footage is required, or with Tanzania Police Force and court system when the CCTV footage is required as evidence or for investigations of for court testimony.

Ensuring that the Physical Security team fully attends to all customers' ATMs and Mobile queries such as 'phantom' withdrawals

Coordinating security matters for special occasions e.g. Sabasaba occasions, general Company activities that need security etc

Attend to all emergency security issues no matter what time they might happen

Ensuring that the Company's Physical Security Policy and framework are constantly revised and developed.

Strong organizational and follow-up skills required
Effective communicational skills and strong work ethic required.
Analytical and report-writing skills
Good computer literacy and effective presentational skills.
Creativity and proven record of delivery
Working knowledge of and experience with various physical security devices e.g. CCTV's, panic buttons, alarms etc.

Qualifications & Experience:
Holder of a University Degree
Minimum track record of 2 years' experience of managing/coordinating physical security management
Good communication skills
Experience in working for law enforcement organs will be considered to be an advantage.