Jan 29, 2016

Security Escort , United Kingdom

Employer :   Embassy
Location: Nine Elms, Wandsworth
Closing: 3 February 2016
New London Embassy (NLE) Security Escort,  
Vacancy ref: 16/06

* This is a fixed term appointment, anticipated to end February, 2017.

The Embassy is in search of a Security Escort with excellent interpersonal skills.

The function of this position is to provide all duties and responsibilities of a cleared escort, by:
assisting in the security clearance of material used in construction of controlled-access areas (CAA), CAA-contiguous or other locations with the NLE; and
ensuring that all applicable Department of State (DOS) security requirements are met at all times.

In order to undertake the full duties and responsibilities of the position, the incumbent must obtain and maintain a Secret clearance.

The following qualifications are also required. It is very important that you address each selection criterion detailed below with specific and comprehensive information supporting each item in your application and resume/CV. This will help you in our short listing process.

Qualifications Required:

All applicants must address each selection criterion detailed below with specific and comprehensive information supporting each item.

Completion of secondary school is required.

Prior Work Experience:Three months of general experience performing administrative, clerical, or security duties is required.

Language Proficiency:
Level III – Good written and spoken English.

Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office suite is required.

Skills and Abilities:
Basic administrative skills are required. Strong attention to detail is required. Basic report writing skills is required. Must possess good communication skills and the ability to exercise good judgment when required. Good interpersonal skills are required. Ability to work under pressure is required. The ability to lift and move heavy objects (not to exceed 30 kg) as well as working in sometimes difficult construction environments subject to extreme’s in temperature and exposure to the elements is required.

Submitting your Application

As an environmentally aware employer, our preference is for you to submit your application by email to:  xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxx.gov


Please ensure documents are in Microsoft Word and/or Adobe Acrobat PDF format. JPEG, TIFF, SkyDrive or files other than in the 2 formats specified above will not be accepted and your application will be determined invalid. Similarly, if your application exceeds 5Mb, your application will be determined invalid.

Please quote reference 16/06.