Jan 5, 2016

Safety Coordinator (For Syrian & Turkish - Flexible with Cross Boarding to Syria)

Location: Europe
Closing date: 31 Jan 2016

Qualifications and Education Requirements:
Degree in a relevant field is desired.

General Work Experience:

1-3 years of experience in direct safety and safety management and implementation. Previous experience working in an international non-governmental organization.

Previous experience and understanding of Safety procedures, contingency planning, evacuation protocols, strategic safety planning, field management and Crisis Management would be preferred.

Skills :Languages : Excellent English and Arabic (writing –reading –speaking)
Computing: Proficient in Microsoft Office including, excel, word, outlook etc.
Communication: Strong communicator , Negotiating facilitating and presenting
Time management and organization
Understanding geographical maps

Abilities :

§ Demonstrated knowledge of safety/risk management methods combined with a background of other safety specialization.

§ Skilled with google earth and google maps

§ Good technical skills to understand and consolidate varying safety specializations.

§ Ability to conceptualize and implement innovative strategies and promote their implementation.

§ Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work under pressure.

§ Proven ability to communicate effectively.

§ Tact, discretion and ability to promote consensus.·

§ A demonstrated ability to multi-task and process information into action;

§ Ability to work under pressure and with very short deadlines & strong communications skills.

§ To travel in general as required (inside Syrian borders in particular)

§ To show commitment to social justice and the mission of Syria Relief as an organization

§ To demonstrate commitment to high professional ethical standards and a diverse workplace

§ To communicate efficiently with multiple teams\employees of different backgrounds or nationalities

§ To communicate with local authorities in Turkey and Syria

§ To work extra time as needed

Main Duties/Responsibilities:

· Ensure the implementation of safety policies and standard operating procedures (SOPs).
· Assist Country Director/Safety Manager in reviewing and updating of SR’s safety briefings, SOPs etc.
· Monitor staff field movements and advise on field visits.
· Attend all INSO Antakya safety briefings
· Maintain Google Earth/Google Map files of all relevant front lines changes and safety impacts in      project areas
· First point of contact for coordination/cross border staff on safety concerns.
· Maintain an accurate record of SR international staff and visitors in Turkey, including those from the     Turkey and Regional offices.
· Responsible for delivering safety briefing as part of the induction process for new staff and visitors.
· Draft, maintain and operate an intra-office safety/safety communication tree.
· Monitor national, social, and political and safety issues and inform senior staff of issues that affect, or may affect, SR Programs; assist SR Programs and Senior Management in order to evaluate current and future programming based on current local safety situation and adjust where needed.
· Assist Safety Manager or lead on risk assessment and analysis as required
· Liaise with other humanitarian and emergency actors on safety matters.

· Assist Safety Manager or lead in preparation of training on safety procedures, safety awareness, first aid and fire safety for staff as required

· Assist in the management of safety and safety incidents provide timely and accurate incident reports and analysis.

· Track safety-related incidents and developments.

· Assist Safety Manager with and lead on the maintenance and execution of hibernation/evacuation plans to include all facilitation and coordination with relevant personnel as required.

· Liaising and coordinating with the local government safety organizations;

· Maintaining the Safety Plan, including updating staff lists;

· Maintaining Minimum Operational Safety Standards (MOSS) for equipment;

· Identifying Emergency Communications equipment needs (MISTS);

· Conducting safety evaluations and providing advice on safety measures for the residences and offices

· Assist in developing options to cope with arising/possible situations and scenarios

· Analyzes accumulated information and maintains a continuous picture of evolving global, regional or local political events affecting the safety and safety of SR personnel and dependents in the assigned area

· Monitors predictive indicators and early warning type information;

· Prepares briefs, notes, reports, studies, after-action reports and recommendations on critical issues of interest to senior management decision-making

· Collates data inputs for the periodic trends of mandatory reports.

· Promotes information exchange with and among various offices to avoid common problems.

· Brief staff on radio communication procedures, convoy procedures, safety and evacuation procedures and other safety issues and precautions to be taken in accordance with the set measures prescribed by the organisation.

· To ensure that the health and safety policy is regularly reviewed and all staff are aware of this policy and follow its guidelines.


· Report to Safety Manager and carry out other activities as requested.

· To ensure all filed staff, volunteers and are aware of and follow the organization’s safety/safety procedures.

· Conduct himself/herself both professionally and personally in such a manner as to bring credit to SR and to not jeopardize its humanitarian mission.

· Create daily/weekly safety report and situation report as required.

· Provides expert guidance and leadership to more junior staff

· Acts on behalf of Safety Manager in his/her absence and takes appropriate action as required

· Conducts field visits as required

· Other duties as assigned

How To Apply:
Please send your CV with cover letter to the attention of the HR Department in SyriaRelief to this

E-Mail xxxxx@xxxxxxxx.org.uk with the job code SR.TR.AK.FO in the subject line

Please Note that any CV sent with no Job Code in the subject line will not be submitted in the HR Serve