Jan 13, 2016

Regional Security Manager

Location:  Russia, Belarus, Ukraine (Based in Moscow)

Salary: Package RUB 6m (basic and bonus) plus car and long term cash bonus scheme.

Job description:
Key Factors: Fluent Russian and English, the role is not sponsored. You will have experience in commercial security developing and then the deployment of security programmes. You will have strong connections to relevant Law Enforcement & Authority bodies. You will be experienced in managing complex commercial security projects, their development and roll-out through business unit (BU) leadership.

The Role:

The emphasis of this role is to head up a business enabling function that is recognised by regional leadership as best in class that is predictive rather than reactionary in is delivery and deployment of security methodology through 3rd party vendors especially for marketing events.

Create a culture where incident reporting assists the BU in managing risks, leads on counterfeit and any other corporate investigations that affect the company.
Partners with leadership teams, functional heads in the delivery of the global Corporate Security (CS) to implement incident management reporting and robust business continuity planning.
Visit 3rd party suppliers and act as an advisor to them.
Ensure consistent training and re-training of personnel in security programs to mitigate security risks with a specific emphasis on counter terrorism awareness, personal security and information security.
Monitor, evaluate and report the effectiveness of security solutions and lead improvement to embed security in the business.
Be proactive and a catalyst for new and innovative thinking around security to generate more management ownership of security.
Lead the corporate cultural change toward security to sustainably improve security behaviour.
Lead local resources, leverage within diversified locations to improve / increase security ownership at a local level.

Candidate profile: 
Leveraging functional expertise - Applies functional and technical knowledge and skills to perform at a high level role
Understanding the market - Demonstrates understanding of market, keeps current on stakeholders strategic objectives and business challenges as well as on the external market
Advising & Partnering - Serves as an internal advisor and partners, steers and supports managers, colleagues and stakeholders on key issues. Contributes to value proposition and ensures value capture
Delivering Solutions - Contributes to the development and enhancement of solutions that consider all relevant perspectives, data and drivers
Monitoring & Assessing Compliance and Risks - Evaluates the compliance and risk exposures of the organization and utilizes control measures to remove, mitigate or prevent unacceptable exposure
Communicating with Impact - Writes and speaks with clarity and precision, presenting complex information in a comprehensible format always considering the audience

Critical success factors & key challenges:
Address security risks arising with a focus on BCP and personnel protection programs for local and visiting leadership.
Leverage external networking to build in scalable and sustainable way solutions to deal with criminal activity and other issues.
Manage projects and deliver on time with high stakeholder satisfaction.
Demonstrate, document and provide assurance to stakeholders that has an effective security framework using effectively program.
Demonstrate strong cross boundaries collaboration skill set, especially between suppliers and headquarter team to maximize incident / investigation management, risk management and threat anticipation.

How To Apply
To Apply for this Vacancy send your CV by e-mail to:  xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxx.com