Jan 6, 2016

EOD Technician Instructor - Junior

Employer: Academi
Location: OCONUS
EOD Technician Instructor - Junior (Contingent) - (TNG.02)

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Job Description
This position is contingent upon contract award.

Position Summary: 
 The Junior Instructor is a team member and will serve as the SME for all tactics and procedures, equipment, and mission essential gear. They will operate all equipment in all environments (sea-air-land) during contingency operations, training, and/or exercises. They will provide training to military/civilian personnel on the set-up, operation, and tactics for search and support equipment, and directly support R/N search operations.


SME on all TSG TTP, SOPs, and POIs and will adhere to all established plans, procedures, regulations, policies, and standards required to perform the mission.
Serve as SME on all TSG search gear and communications equipment.
Provides training to military and/or civilian personnel on the setup and operation of this TSG search gear and communications equipment.
Updates TTPs, SOP’s, and POIs for all TSG mission sets as required.
Supports military and/or civilian personnel during R/N search operations, up to and including tactical actions during the conduct of real world operations.

Job Requirements
Qualifications and Education Requirements
Required Qualifications/Experience

Former EOD technician.
Must have an Active Top Secret Clearance.
No less than 2 years’ experience as an instructor at a training command or in an operational unit’s training department.
Experienced in: air operations; small boat operations to include small boat experience, coxswain qualified, or civilian equivalent; fast rope operations; climbing techniques; land and maritime reconnaissance and surveillance operations.
Have a fundamental familiarity and understanding of CBRNE Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE).
Physically capable of working extended periods in self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA).
Possess effective oral and written communication skills.
Proficient with Microsoft Office and common office software applications.
Be physically and mentally qualified for deployment and performance of duties to include tactical operations in austere, hostile environments; perform contingency operations in support of assigned missions in accordance with DODI 3020.41 Contractor Personnel Authorized To Accompany the U.S. Armed Forces; maintain Army Physical Fitness Test score of 270 or above for each individual’s specific age group;
Be able to perform duties in all weather and climate conditions, be capable of carrying loads of up to 80 pounds over uneven terrain; have personal mobility, including using Jacobs ladders, step ladders ropes and climbing skills; capable of flying in utility helicopters for extended periods of time;
Willing and able to accept worldwide deployments/support missions/training/exercises which include elements presenting reasonable risks to personal safety, travel on short notice, work non-standard hours, and take on-call duty; be available for expeditious foreign travel for extended periods of time.
Shall meet medical requirements to wear a protective mask in accordance with 29CFR1910; submit to immunization for worldwide travel; be able to administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation and basic First-Aid.
Shall be capable of completing the in-house TSG Critical Task List within 3 months of hire. The Critical Task List includes tasks associated with R/N search operations, communications, mobility, surveillance, and force protection.
Shall be able to obtain an Official Passport.
Qualify with the M9 pistol and M4 rifle in accordance with FM 3-23.35 and FM 3-22.9. 6.2.18; be knowledgeable and proficient in the use of assigned small arms (rifle and pistol) weapons for purposes of force protection; qualified in accordance with Army Field Manual 23-25 standards; comply with requirements IAW the Lautenberg Amendment.
Complete the annual Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) training, to include use and wear of assigned NBC Protective equipment.
Be proficient in computer utilization, graphics creation, editing, and word processing.
Be able to set-up and operate sophisticated electronic equipment, secure satellite communications (SATCOM), and a variety of military and civilian communications equipment; perform equipment troubleshooting and maintenance; train other personnel on the operation of subject equipment even in an austere field environment.
Valid US Passport and driver’s license.

Required Education/Certifications
Naval School Explosive Ordnance Disposal graduate.
Special Forces Qualification Course (SFQC) or service school equivalent.
Military instructor experience, military instructor training course, or civilian equivalent.
Army Advanced Non-Commissioned Officer Course or service equivalent.