Jan 7, 2016

Dog Handler , Afghanistan

Employer: DynCorp International LLC.
Location: Kabul Afghanistan

Job Summary 
The Dog Handler is responsible for utilizing specially trained dogs to detect explosive materials and devices by searching vehicles, buildings, and assigned areas to prevent the unauthorized introduction of explosive devices or matter onto the installation and operate as a member of a Force Protection Unit.

Principal Accountabilities

(Typical duties include the following, although specific duties vary by assignment or contract.)
Conduct inspections of bags, personnel, equipment, buildings, assigned facilities, vehicles, aircraft, and other items as directed, utilizing K9 assets.
Execute periodic patrols to check for irregularities and threats, ensuring safety and security
Conduct and document inspection of all equipment to ensure it is functional and report deficiencies as needed.
Control all traffic, personnel and vehicular, to ensure personnel and assets are protected.
Rehearse and execute small unit infantry as well as escape and evasion tactics needed during scenarios (i.e., on the ground/ aircraft down, etc.); Use high threat driving techniques to ensure the security and safety of the principal.
Function as the senior ground authority and/or incident commander if a positive alert is detected or emergency situation ensues, ensuring others’ safety and security until reinforcements or friendly assets arrive.
Lead and/or be a member of the Quick Reaction Force (QRF) as needed
Provide proper care for assigned canine partner.
Maintain K9 training to include records keeping to meet contract requirements.
Screen cargo and search passengers, reducing the risk of a visually undetected threat.
Other duties as assigned.

Knowledge & Skills
Competent and certified dog handling skills.
Able to properly utilize K9 to conduct searches for various known substances and train K9 to accommodate currency training.
Familiar with and able to perform the tactics, techniques, and procedures associated with close personal protection services and duties as needed to include combat search and rescue.
Proficient using and maintaining all assigned communication devices used between program personnel, vehicles, aircraft, host nation, and US and International Security forces.
Ability to maintain personal hygiene and uniform in a neat professional appearance in conjunction with ability to communicate respectfully with high ranking diplomats and persons of various countries.
Able to recognize K9 diseases, be familiar with hygiene requirements, and know the physical condition of the K9.

Experience & Education
Two (2) years of certified military, law enforcement, or local guard force dog (K9) handling

Physical Requirements/Working Environment
Must be physically fit to work in a high threat environment.
Must be able to meet physical and medical requirements of assigned contract.

Travel into high threat and harsh environment countries may be required.
Travel to and between CONUS and OCONUS locations as requested is required.

Unposting Date: Ongoing

Req ID: INL-1504271