Jan 27, 2016

Ammunitions Project Manager

Employer: Fluor
Location: Kuwait
To be Considered Candidates: Must be authorized to work in the country where the position is located and be able to interview on site.

Please Note: This position is contingent upon contract award.

Job Description 
Manages ammunitions handling operations within assigned area of responsibility, typically a large FOB or multiple FOBs. Ensures safe handling of a variety of munitions, explosives, chemical munitions, radioactive materials, and rockets. Checks receipt documentation to ensure items received agrees with documentation. Performs oversight and guides supervisors responsible for direct maintenance of ammunition to recondition ammunition found with incidental or minor defects. Issues items to using units from issue forms as provided by control units. Maintains strict lot number control and keeps magazine data cards current by accurate posting of issues and receipts. Ensures items are loaded on vehicles IAW Department of Transportation (DOT) hazardous materials requirements. Develops, maintains, and enforces Standard Operating Procedures. Evaluates existing systems and recommends changes to Project Management to increase efficiency and maximize value to the customer. May compile reports of quantity and type of material on hand. May compile perpetual production records in order to locate material, using manual or computerized system. Supervises and manages the Standard Army Ammunition system (SAAS) at all levels. Manages, prepares, review and/or implements the following operational plans in ammunition storage areas; Firefighting, emergency destruction, physical security, explosive safety and transportation flow. Performs other company grade officer lever duties as required/essential to the unit mission. The Ammunition Warrant Officer/Senior Enlisted is a self-aware and adaptive technical expert, combat leader, trainer and adviser. Prior service as a Senior Enlisted member with the MOS of (89A) & (89B) and/or Chief Warrant Office (89A), is a plus.

Supervises a team of subordinate employees, subcontractors, and/or labor broker personnel, in accordance with the “General Supervisory Duties and Responsibilities” addendum.

This Job Description represents a summary of the generic job duties and qualifications for this position and shall not be construed as a complete listing of all tasks, as other duties may be assigned. A Position Detail with additional site specific duties or qualifications may be held at the Project level. 

Position may be located in a war zone in a contingency environment with harsh and dangerous working and living conditions, including lifting and carrying 40 pounds of personal protective equipment for extended periods of time. To ensure safety, health, and security measures within the contract are met, all employees shall be literate in English (read, write, speak and understand).

Living conditions on the project are most likely austere. The most austere sleeping may be in environmentally conditioned tents on “Army type” cots. Restrooms and showers may be 250 feet or further from sleeping quarters. Laundry service for 15 pounds twice per week is commonly provided. Meals are provided at regular intervals in cafeteria or “dining facility” style environment. Living area will most likely have constant hum of generators or similar equipment nearby.

Basic Job Requirements 
- Minimum four (4) year college degree required;
- Minimum of 12 years experience in ammunitions operations;
- Within those 12 years, six (6) of the years he/she must a supervised a minimum of twenty-five (25) personnel in logistics operations;
Other Job Requirements 
- Must have working knowledge of automated data processing systems;
- Excellent communication skills;
- proficient in Microsoft Office, Excel and PowerPoint.
Preferred Qualifications 
Prior Military and/or Contingency Operations experience preferred.
Degree Required Yes

Requisition Number 78651BR