Dec 8, 2015

SWI - Senior Weapons Instructor/Armorer - OCONUS

Employer: Patriot Group
Location: OCONUS

Job Description:

Special Operations Forces Fielding and Training Team (SOF FTT) - an articulate and effective training specialist, preferably a former SOF weapons sergeant, who can interact with technicians, logisticians, high-level officials, and all United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) Component SOF Operators to develop and monitor New Equipment Training (NET), Logistical, and Sustainment requirements, for new and existing SOF peculiar combat systems. Primary duty is SOF FTT trainer for all weapons programs provided by the Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) - Crane Indiana, to all Components of USSOCOM.
Requires travel to locations in the continental United States and worldwide.
Candidate will be developing training curriculum, Programs of Instruction (POI), and power point training materials.
This person will need to have prior training experience in SOF weapons and weapons related accessories and Visual Augmentation Systems in their background and be able to maintain these systems according to NSWC – Crane Maintenance metrics.

Required Education/Skills:
Experience ina USSOCOM/USASOC unit,and have US Army/Marine Corp weapons maintenance experience. Must be a graduate of a Department of Defense certified InstructorTraining Course(ITC).

Desired Skills:
Proficient in the use of current SOF sniper systems, SOF Machine Guns to include the MK44 minigun, MK47 Advanced Lightweight Grenade Launcher (ALGL), M3 Carl Gustav, foreign weapons, and weapons accessory kit subsystems, visual augmentation systems and components provided as Government Furnished Property, in support of NET, weapons maintenance, displays, briefings, and live-fire demonstrations.