Dec 28, 2015

Security Specialist (Analyst) , Nigeria

Employer: UNICEF
Location: Abuja , Nigeria

Security Specialist (Analyst), P-3, Abuja, Nigeria
Vacancy No: E-VN-2015-003362
Application Close: 06-Jan-16

Purpose of the Position
The Security Specialist (Analyst) reports to the Country Polio Team Lead UNICEF and maintains a technical reporting line of communication to the EMOPS Security Manager Polio. The Security Specialist (Analyst) is required to collate information, provide specific analysis and provide recommendations to the Country Office and Polio Teams relative to the polio programme activities and operations as well as affected personnel and partners. The Security Specialist (Analyst) will build upon existing strategies, support C4D and communication strategies, access negotiations and provide the basis for new measures to assist in reducing the number of children missed in hard to reach areas. The Security Specialist (Analyst) will also support broader office programme priorities beyond the polio programme.

Key Expected Results
1. He/She will work closely with technical staff and GPEI partners to support existing access strategies and to undertake specific local level analysis to understand the reasons for geographical areas deemed inaccessible or hard to reach so as to increase the number of children vaccinated as well as to successfully deliver the polio programme. This analysis will form the basis for the Polio management to enable further strategies to be developed with the aim of improving the success of the programme as well as the safety and security of personnel, partners, activities and operations.

2. He/She will conduct activities to fully understand the inaccessible issues and security environments. The focus is to capture the root causes at the local level behind insecurity and inaccessibility to support operational activity. In addition, the incumbent will provide support to analysis in order to understand regional level dynamics, particularly when addressing issues of terrorism, inter-tribal conflict and population movements. To address environmental issues and all other socio-economic, political factors that makes geographical areas inaccessible and to use this in conjunction with planning activities to enhance measures to assist in reducing the number of children missed in hard to reach areas.

3. The incumbent will work very closely with the technical/operations and communication staff of the UNICEF polio team in country to integrate all relevant analysis into the implementation plans for country polio related programmes and activities. He/She will focus on strengthening the continuity between programme planning/delivery and analysis/assessments in an effort to identify, and where possible, mitigate any threat to the activities, operations and/or affected personnel or partners under the overarching principles of programme critically and acceptable risk decisions.

4. He/She will develop and maintain internal and external information networks to enhance the collection/collation of information relating to polio activities and operations as well as affected personnel and partners.

5. He/She will collect information relative to polio programmes, activities and operations as well affected personnel and partners on country and area levels, including information regarding security incidents, as well as events that precipitate such incidents. He/She will collate the information based on the credibility of the information and reliability of source. He/She will provide timely analysis and risk assessments of all threat and security incident information alerting the Country Polio Team Lead UNICEF and Polio staff to any development that has a direct or potential impact on the safety and security of personnel, partners, activities and operations. He/She will report on this analysis with the goal of identifying trends and predicting the specific conditions that might need to be present for similar events to occur; and will develop early warning indicators as decision making and planning tools that can be incorporated into program development and activity planning.

6. The incumbent shall establish appropriate systems for the sharing of information and addressing security issues with/from and related to 3rd party contractors for the polio programme taking into consideration the principles of risk transfer and constraints regarding duty of care and contract modalities. He/She will provide guidance as appropriate on security interactions with such third parties in accordance with the appropriate legal parameters and organisational obligations.

7. The incumbent will conduct security assessments, assist with security-related issues for the development of mission plans and support missions to the field to facilitate the above.

8. The incumbent will follow-up all reported incidents related to polio activities, operations, and/or affected personnel and partners, especially as it relates to identifying lessons learned and stimulating necessary action.

9. He/She will be based in Abuja but will deploy to zonal offices, particularly in the Northeast of the country, to conduct specific analysis as well as engage with local Polio teams (particularly operations, programme and C4D/communications specialists) as well as other broader programme priorities.

10. As a member of the security cell, He/She will assist the UNICEF Regional and Country Field Security Advisors as well as the UNDSS security apparatus within the region in the development of sound security risk assessments by contributing security analysis to the process of strategic threat assessments specifically as it relates to polio related activities and operations and affected personnel or partners in the region.

Qualifications of Successful Candidate
Education Background:

Advanced University Degree or recognized equivalent in Risk Management, Political Science, International Relations, Cultural Anthropology, Military Intelligence, or related area.
*A first University Degree with a relevant combination of academic qualifications and experience may be accepted in lieu of Advanced University Degree.

Work Experience:
A minimum of 5 years of progressively responsible experience in security analysis and risk management at least 3 years of which should be at the senior officer, senior management or UN professional level. Demonstrated understanding of security related analytical processes is essential. C4D and Communications experience is highly desirable. UN and/or international security management experience is highly desirable. The incumbent will possess analytical and information management skills and will be able to interpret data and security information.

Language Proficiency:
Fluency in English (verbal and written) is essential. Good written and spoken skills in the language of the humanitarian operation and knowledge of another UN language are an asset.

* The successful candidate for this emergency recruitment MUST be available to commence work within 31 days of receiving an offer.