Dec 17, 2015

Security & Operations Manager

Location: London
Closing date: 29 Feb 2016

About the role:
The position of Security and Operations Manager has four distinct aspects: undertaking risk management missions; simultaneously managing different missions (including other staff); business development; managing members of our research team.

Missions include short missions with our clients for a given period of time. Although you may be sent to virtually any country, the majority of our work currently takes place in the MENA region, sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, and the Far East. Our missions with our clients support the identification, prevention and management of security risks. Your responsibilities will be evolving from one mission to another.

You may sometimes be working as either supervising a mission, being the main security advisor/officer developing the security system of an organisation, or providing security trainings to field staff. You may provide security advices to senior management one day, and provide support during the management of a crisis the next day. This diversity of responsibilities makes it a very interesting and rewarding role, yet requires a good amount of maturity and cultural sensitivity. The business development part of the role will include direct work with the clients and product development. You will oversee the provision of agreed and identified services.

Conditions, Pay and Benefits:
To be discussed, adjusted depending on experience and skills.

How to apply:
Expressions of interest should be sent to : and addressed to our HR team. Please include the following:

• Cover letter, addressing the Essential/Desirable skills and experiences (see attached document)
• Your CV
• Your current salary and/or salary expectations
• Any training developed, written work, publication or co-publications that may be relevant

Only those candidates considered for interviews will be contacted. OSC is committed to equal opportunities, and welcomes submissions from all applicants that meet the recruitment criteria.