Dec 15, 2015

Safety and Security Expert - Roving

Employer: Action Contre la Faim
Location: Worldwide
Closing date: 26 Dec 2015
Starts: 04 Jan 2015

Provide support to mission safety and security management.
Participate to the definition and implementing of ACF missions' security strategies and policies concerning people and goods.

1) Missions and activities at ACF headquarters (20% of time)
Mission 1 : Participate in the implementing of the Security and Safety Department's action plan
• Participate in or implement Security Service's projects
• Participate in the writing of new documents and in the development of existing tools
Mission 2 : Develop and update security management tools
• Formalize and conceptualize security management tools
• Write and update security documents
Mission 3 : Ensure the thematic and geopolitical security capitalization according to his/ her traveling

2) Missions and activities on the field (80% of temps)
The missions' security and safety Support is mobilizable for the following missions:
Technical support
Context analysis
Straightening of competencies or training
The content of the job varies according to the interventions' situations and is based on the objectives of the reference terms decided before leaving on field.
The job's missions and activities can be defined as follows:

Mission 1 : Straightening the field security management
o Participate in the assembling of security information in association with the Field Coordinators (FCs), the Logistics Department's Manager (LDM) and the Country Manager (CM)
o Participate in content and risk analysis in association with the FCs, the LDM and the CM
o Develop the networks
o Participate in the defining of risk decrease rules and measures in association with the FCs, the LDM and the CM
o Participate in the implementing of security plans in association with the FCs, the LDM and the CM
o Participate in security incidents management

Mission 2 : Provide technical support for the implementing of security management tools
o Support the FCs in the writing/ updating of Local Security Plans
o Support the LDM in supervising the writing of Local Security Plans
o Support the LDM in the writing/ updating of the National Security Plan
o Control the efficiency the the updating of Security Plans
o Support the CM in the validating of Security Plans
Mission 3 : Create security evaluation
o Evaluate the Bases'/ Missions' security management tools
o Provide an evaluation report
o Make recommendations in order to improve security management
o Guide the mission in the establishment of an action plan
Mission 4 : Support security teams management
o Guide the recruitment and the training of security human resources
o Create and lead security training for the security teams
o Reinforce security teams' competencies linked to security tools and security management policies
Mission 5 : Promote security culture within field teams
o Create and lead security training for the field teams
o Promote the integration of security at every step, from the creation to the implementing of the activities to Program Managers and Technical Departments Managers
o Provide technical assistance and advice for the implementing of activities in difficult security environments
Mission 6 : Represent ACF in front of its partners during security meetings if asked by the CM

How To Apply
*Having higher education in Political Studies, InternationRelationships/ Humanitarian Action or Logistics, you have at least 5 years experience, among which 2 in the NGO and field security areas. Your ability to work in a multicultural team and your stress management skills are acknowledged. You have good communication and writing skills and you know how to promote security good practice.
Good (fluent) English is needed, Arab is a plus. *

To apply, please visit our webpage :