Dec 31, 2015

Regional Security Specialist, P-5, Amman, Jordan

Location: Jordan
Closing date: 08 Jan 2016

Purpose of the Position
Under the overall supervision of the MENA Regional Director, the Regional Security Adviser (RSA) will be responsible for assisting in the strategic management of regional security operations and for providing guidance and assistance to the MENA Regional Director and CO Representatives on all elements of their respective responsibilities in accordance with the UN/UNICEF Framework of Accountability. Furthermore, the RSA will be responsible for coordinating a cohesive approach to security throughout the region and providing technical support to CO Security Advisers within the Region and liaising with the Principal Security Coordinator on the application of UNSMS Policies and Procedures. He/She will liaise closely with UNDSS CSA/SAs and other UN Security Personnel within the MENA Region as well as Host Country Authorities as required and will collaborate with the Regional Chief of HR. Specifically, the RSA is responsible for performing the following key functions:

Key Expected Results
1. Security Coordination:
Provide advice and assistance to the MENA Regional Director, the Regional Advisor Emergency and other MENA senior management y staff primarily the Representatives on all aspects of security coordination throughout the region.
Monitor developments in the region related to safety and security of UNICEF personnel and programme delivery and update the Regional Director accordingly.
Advise the Regional Director and MENA senior management on steps needed with regard to multi-country or regional geo-security environment and key political dynamics that have the potential to impact on programme delivery.
Provide feedback to CO Representatives on security aspects of sitreps and the potential impact on the safety and security of UNICEF personnel and programme delivery.
Update the UNICEF Principal Security Coordinator (PSC) through OPSCEN on security and political developments in the region. Inform that PSC directly if the situation requires immediate attention.
Participate in selection of security advisors, assistants, guard services and related security services. Provide guidance on training requirement.
Assist Heads of Offices and Operations Officers who have direct oversight of security personnel and guard services at Country Office level and support them on matters related to recruitment and performance evaluation.
Assist the Regional Director and Representatives on determining financial and human resources required for ensuring the safety and security of personnel, premises and programme delivery.
Establish favorable working environment with UNDSS CSA/SA, FSCOs, UNICEF Representatives, Security Focal Points and Operations Officers as well as Security Advisors from other Agency Funds and Programmes and Host Country Authorities as required

2. Security Risk Management and Analysis:
Assist Representatives and Heads of Offices to prepare security risk assessments of UNICEF's Country and Field Offices and undertake specific Security Risk Assessments (SRAs) as required.
Proactively monitor situations and events in the Region and gather and analyze information with the aim of identifying emerging trends and providing early warning of any potential threats that may affect the safety and security of UNICEF staff, premises, assets and impact programme delivery.
Consolidate reporting from Country Offices and provide an analysis in the regional context, highlighting the potential impact this may have on programme delivery and particularly, in L2 and L3 locations.
Work closely with key RO advisors and existing think tank networks within the region and globally with the objective of sustaining and strengthening the internal security risk management and analysis processes.

3. Security Planning:
Monitor situations and events in the Region and gather and analyse information with the aim of identifying emerging trends and providing early warning of any potential situation that may affect the safety and security of UNICEF staff, premises and assets throughout the Region and that may also impact programme delivery.
Consolidate reporting from Country Offices and provide an analysis on the implication this may have regionally and the potential impact this may have on programme delivery and particularly, in L3 locations.
Participate in selection of staff security officers or assistants, guard services, etc. and ensure adequate training is provided.

4. Crisis Management:
Immediately inform the RD, DRD, and other senior RO staff of any significant incident pertaining to security.
If so requested by the RD, establish a regional crisis center as needed, able to communicate with OPSCEN and the countries involved and monitor developments.
Assist the Regional Director and CO Representatives with Security Planning and Emergency/Crisis Preparedness in accordance with the country specific situation and security requirements including the effectiveness of UNICEF's Emergency Communications System and business continuity capability.
Ensure that MENA Representatives in a sub region affected by the crisis are kept informed of key security issues, as well as other relevant stakeholders such the SMS and/or authorities depending the situation and in coordination with the CO's.
Assess the adequate nomination of the duty officer communication's responsibility during the crisis to serve as the RO's "single point of contact" on matters related to the crisis.
Ensure appropriate communication with Country Offices that are involved in the crisis and coordinating the support requirements.
On a need case basis, provide operational assistance and background contributions to the HQ/DSS coordinated management of any security incident involving UNICEF staff.
Co-ordinate any emergency medical evacuation.
Upon the RD's delegation of power, and in coordination with the PSC and the legal office at HQ and UNDSS, ensure the follow-up on any cases of arrest or detention.

5. Compliance Monitoring:
Monitor that country offices comply with and periodically exercise security procedures/protocols and guidelines including: MOSS compliance, building evacuation plans warden system, security awareness and briefings, fire safety and communication plan.
Review proposals for countries MOSS before and security local cost shared budget (CSB) and SMT minutes and provide advice when warranted.

6. Security Training:
Provide briefings and presentations to UNICEF senior managers with security responsibilities on current and new UN security policies and guidelines and tools.
Identify training needs for security professionals in the region. Coordinate with the OSC nomination of security personnel to UNDSS/TDS and other AFPs training courses.
Provide gender sensitive security awareness training to UNICEF and implementing partner’s personnel.

Qualifications of Successful Candidate

Education Background:

Advanced University Degree in Social or Political Science, or a discipline related to Risk Management, International Relations, conflict analysis and resolution or equivalent formal training in security and risk management such as military and/or police senior Command College.
*A first University Degree with a relevant combination of academic qualifications and experience may be accepted in lieu of Advanced University Degree.

Work Experience:
A minimum of 12 years of relevant professional work experience, with at least two years field experience of the UNSMS, proven crisis management and strong background in political and security analysis ideally in a regional context.
Analysis /information capabilities from a police / military contexts would be considered an asset.
Experience in working in a team responding to hostage taking would be an advantage.
Experience in working in crisis / humanitarian response locations enabling programme delivery is required.

Language Proficiency:
Oral and written proficiency in English is required. Knowledge of Arabic is an asset

Competencies of Successful Candidate

i) Core Values:
Diversity and Inclusion
ii) Core Competencies:
Working with People
Drive for Results
iii) Functional Competencies:
Leading and Supervising
Formulating Strategies and Concepts
Relating and Networking
Persuading and Influencing
Creating and Innovating


* The successful candidate for this emergency recruitment MUST be available to commence work within 31 days of receiving an offer.


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