Dec 10, 2015

GATA Police Leader’s Role in Combating Terrorism (PLRCT) Instructor

Employer: Linxx
Location: OCONUS
Tracking Code190-845

Job Description
Linxx Global Solutions, a fast growing Government contracting company, with corporate offices located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, is currently looking for experienced Lead and Staff Instructors to fill independent contractor training positions in support of the Global Anti-terrorism Assistance (GATA) program. Applicants must have a training background and be willing to travel frequently, both domestically and abroad, for short-term assignments.

Please note that these are not entry-level positions—the applicant must be able to validate previous instructor experience in the form of certifications, official documentation, and verifiable employment experience. Prior to working on this contract, candidates must be granted a U.S. government-issued moderate risk public trust (MRPT) and be vetted by the Anti-terrorism Assistance (ATA) program office. Public trust certifications require an investigation similar to that of a security clearance, and will include a background investigation. Please list on resume any current or former security clearances held.

Course Description
This 80 hour interactive workshop is designed to provide police leaders an innovative learning experience that is focused on maximizing their organization’s ability to combat terrorism in a more efficient and effective manner with a focus on improving and enhancing regional and international cooperation. The overall theme of this workshop is “change” and “flexibility” with an emphasis on relationship building and interagency as well as intergovernmental cooperation.
Police leaders will engage in a number of contemporary topics that will enhance their skills and focus on examining their organization to maximize internal and external resources to more effectively combat terrorism. Organizational development tasks such as leadership, management, strategic planning, information sharing and other tools are offered to ensure the vital success of police leaders in sustaining and institutionalizing successful antiterrorism enforcement initiatives. These topics will be enlarged and include examples of successful international cooperation in combating terrorists and terrorism.
Police leaders will better serve their country and international interests by examining and reengineering their respective organization via the newly acquired skills offered in this workshop. A wide array of contemporary reactive and proactive terrorism topics will be explored via lectures, group tasks & presentations, critical thinking discussions, case studies and lessons learned. This course is conducted in the Partner Nation.

Required Skills
Mandatory Qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of five (5) years in a police command-level, leadership role. (NOTE - For state and local police, this is normally a lieutenant or higher office head or division commander with several supervisors under their command. For federal law enforcement, this is normally would be a GS-15 or higher office head or in charge of a division with several supervisors under their command).
Demonstrated management and administrative experience in training delivery.
Familiar with curriculum design and development concepts.
Graduate of any local, state, or federal law enforcement academy or institution.
Ten years’ professional work experience in law enforcement.
Instructor certification from a recognized local, state, or federal law enforcement (or military) institution or a Council for Higher Education Accreditation-recognized organization.
Must be willing to travel domestically and internationally, often to austere environments.
Must have professional appearance.
Must be a U.S. Citizen.
Must be familiar with Microsoft Office products, including but not limited to:
MS Word
MS PowerPoint
MS Excel

Preferred Qualifications:

Master’s degree with at least three (3) years’ experience as the leader of an instruction team providing training overseas.
Certification from any local, state, federal, or international organization in advanced course(s) related to the field of law enforcement management, counterterrorism, and/or related subject matter.
Experience developing course materials in the area of law enforcement.

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