Nov 15, 2015

Security Manager

Employer:MeliĆ” Braco Village
Location: Brazil


The Security Manager is responsible for the overall safety and security of the hotel; harmonizing the culture, mission, keys, and quality standards to assure maximized potential. This person must create an exceptional climate of professional & personable service that ensures the long-term satisfaction of team members, guests and owners.

Duties & Responsibilities:
Integrate all local laws applicable to the security function
Evaluate the operation for the existence of Loss prevention concerns
Implement necessary procedures and revising them as needed
Provide appropriate security training for management and line staff
Apprise the General Manager on all security related matters
Establish liaison with outside law enforcement agencies
Manage or assist in managing the hotels emergency plans
Establish safety guidelines for hotel employees to follow
Conduct all internal and external investigations as needed
Promote security and safety awareness throughout the hotel
Establish measures for personal, and physical Loss Prevention for the facility
Establish policies and procedures to provide a safe and secure environment for guest, employees and visitors
Chair the Security and Safety Committee
Participate in new hire Induction for all employees regarding safety and security issues
Establish all programs for safety compliance with Government agencies

How To Apply: