Nov 29, 2015

Regional Security Manager

Employer: Johnson&Johnson
Location: Moscow Russia
Regional Security Manager-000010P3


In alignment with Global Security the RSM executes security strategies throughout the assigned region guidance, develops policies and local programs to reduce risks, responds to incidents, and limit exposure to liability and creates secure working conditions for all associates, protecting sites, assets and products. The RSM contributes to the continuity and growth of the business by providing suitable security services.

Major responsibilities:
1. To design and execute standardized strategies, policies, procedures, best practices and security programs to Operating Companies and Business units in alignment with guidance from Global Security.
2. To provide support that identifies significant security risks, designs and recommends strategies and programs to prevent and reduce loss of the organization's assets.
3. To develop and implement regional policies and programs in response to financial losses, crimes against persons, sabotage, threats, emergency situations, illegal acts, and the protection of property.
4. To identify “Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats” within the region, that allow the RSM to develop and to implement security programs that contribute to mitigate risks.
5. To provide security information to the leaders of local affiliated Business Units and the Regional Campus Leadership Team to contribute to the business goals for the Company.
6. In coordination with Global Security implement Travel Security Programs for employees and visitors to the region.
7. To develop Meeting Security Programs for Annual Sales Conventions and external meetings to ensure the safety of the participants and to protect Johnson & Johnson assets.
8. To partner with the Procurement organization to keep a proper evaluation and selection process for guard services that allows the Company to have the best security providers, through a continued monitoring of services region-wise.
9. To utilize the Credo in developing security-related activities that will affect employees, facilities, assets and products.
10. To serve as a member of the Organization Improvement Meeting for the region on annual basis.
11. To participate in the Local Crisis Management Team coordinating training for managing crises (BCP, table top exercises, etc.) and communications across local affiliates during actual events.
12. To conduct internal security surveys and utilize results to improve processes and procedures for security services in the region.
13. In coordination with Global Security to investigate security-related cases.
14. To maintain contact with local law enforcement agencies and external security committees
15. To support Supply Chain business partners in the manufacture, transportation, distribution and storage of Johnson & Johnson products and raw materials to ensure security standards are implemented.
16. The RSM will be responsible for the spread and co-ordination of personal security awareness for his Region and base region.
17. In alignment with Global Security, the RSM will be responsible for the selection, appointment and supervision of full, part-time or outsourced security positions within the Region.
18. The RSM will produce and update risk and threat assessments relevant to the Region, so as to provide early warning of regional or local problems that may affect Johnson & Johnson's operations.

1. Professional degree: BS Business Administration, Forensic Sciences/or related field; Military or Law Enforcement background with college degree (four years). Graduate Program: Security Management/ MBA (is a plus); Other Programs: ASIS Member (desired); CPP – PSP (is a plus).
2.Number of years of experience in Security Management Positions: 10 years with experience in corporate security positions to include proven experience in conducting investigations.
3.Fluent written and spoken English

Organization: J&J LLC Russia (8431)

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