Nov 21, 2015

GATA Quick Reactionary Force (QRF) Instructor

Employer: Linxx Global Solutions,
Location: OCONUS 
Tracking Code : 299-845 

Job Description
Linxx Global Solutions, a fast growing Government contracting company, with corporate offices located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, is currently looking for experienced Instructors to fill Independent Contractor training positions in support of the Global Anti-terrorism Assistance (GATA) program. Applicants must have a training background and be willing to travel frequently, both domestically and abroad, for short-term assignments.

Please note that these are not entry-level positions—the applicant must be able to validate previous instructor experience in the form of certifications, official documentation, and verifiable employment experience. Prior to working on this contract, candidates must be granted a U.S. government-issued moderate risk public trust (MRPT) and be vetted by the Anti-terrorism Assistance (ATA) program office. Public trust certifications require an investigation similar to that of a security clearance, and will include a background investigation. Please list on resume any current or former security clearances held.

Course Description
The Quick Reactionary Force (QRF) Course is designed to provide instruction and practice on the principles of organizing, leading, and conducting high-risk, antiterrorist operations for quick reactionary force tactical officers and team leaders. It provides the fundamental skills and tactics needed to quickly resolve a variety of high-risk terrorist confrontations by means of a rapid response by the QRF. The training employs a variety of QRF options using the reasonable force necessary to protect human life.

Course topics include, but are not limited to: pistol and shoulder-fired weapon basic courses of fire; QRF operator tactics; response to critical incidents (fires/explosions); readiness capabilities; responding to an active shooter incident; detection and response to explosive devices; vehicle assaults; covert apprehensions; suicide bomber incidents; officer down rescue operations; human rights; police conduct and integrity; defensive tactics, and subject control techniques; use of force; scouting and diagramming; marking cartridge and live-fire operations; sharpshooter and observer functions; low-light operations; incident management; tactical planning and options; and assaults. The course also includes regular, small-group practical exercises to further prepare participants for working as members of cohesive teams and strengthen their ability to succeed both in the course and in the field once they return to their workplaces.

The QRF Course is a highly interactive, physically demanding, skills-based training program. Only one-quarter of the course takes place in the classroom. The majority of learning takes place on the firing range and in and around outdoor facilities and uses props, such as basic QRF equipment and full tactical gear, replica and marking cartridge weapons, vehicles, shields, and air purifying respirators. This hands-on learning replicates, to the extent possible, the conditions and situations that QRF officers encounter in the field.

Required Skills
Mandatory Qualifications:

Graduate of any local, state, federal, or military special weapons and tactical training school (minimum of 40 hours).
A member of a recognized tactical unit whose primary responsibility is/was hostage rescue.
Must be willing to travel domestically and internationally, often to austere environments.
Must have professional appearance.
Must be a U.S. Citizen.
Familiar with Microsoft Office products, including but not limited to:
MS Word
MS PowerPoint
MS Excel 

Preferred Qualifications:
Experience teaching in an international training environment.
Knowledge and general experience in various facets of training associated with a special weapons and tactics team, which would include areas such as firearms, tactical planning, incident management training, command and control, and any other advanced specialty field(s) of training associated with a tactical team.
Proven abilities as a member of a special weapons and tactics team with actual experience with high-risk tactical operations.
Experience with international student training in the field of (American law enforcement) special weapons and tactics.

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